From Tatooine

Chain of Command Is Now Available for Star Wars: The Card Game

“Luke’s just not a farmer, Owen. He has too much of his father in him.”
–Beru Lars, Star Wars: A New Hope

Pilots possess the raw skill and talent needed to pilot starships through the heat of interstellar combat, but without tacticians and commanders to coordinate the battle, the pilots’ heroism accomplishes nothing. Deliver your orders to your fleets with the Chain of Command Force Pack, now available for Star Wars™: The Card Game at your local retailer and online through our webstore!

Like other Force Packs in the Rogue Squadron cycle, Chain of Command offers ten new objective sets (two copies each of five distinct sets) that focus on bringing the pilots and starships of Star Wars into the spotlight. The new pilot mechanic allows you to pair skilled pilots with cutting-edge ships, and two new fate cards ratchet up the tension in every edge battle. In Chain of Command, you’ll find iconic characters entering the game for the first time, including Grand Admiral Thrawn and Owen Lars. This Force Pack also offers several objective sets that can support either traditional gameplay or the two-versus-two variant. However you engage in battle, Chain of Command puts you in the admiral’s chair.

The Moisture Farmer

Before Luke Skywalker began his Jedi training and flew his X-wing to destroy the Death Star, he spent the first nineteen years of his life working on his uncle’s moisture farm on Tatooine. In the Chain of Command Force Pack, you can trace Luke’s journey back to its humble roots in the A Hero’s Beginning objective set.

The objective set starts with A Hero's Beginning (Chain of Command, 793), an objective that allows you to prepare for future trials at the very beginning of your journey. When A Hero’s Beginning comes into play, you may place the top three cards of your deck facedown at this objective. Then, whenever a friendly player would place a card into an edge stack, he may place one of these cards into the edge stack instead. Essentially, A Hero’s Beginning temporarily expands your hand size for edge battles, giving you a much better chance of overwhelming your opponent and winning the edge. Because any friendly player may use these cards, the cards are also available to help your ally during a multiplayer game, but the ability is no less potent in a one-on-one game.

You can receive more cards to win edge battles by using the Moisture Vaporator (Chain of Command, 796). You can focus this enhancement at any time to have each player draw a card – both friends and foes. Although this enhancement lets your opponent draw a card, you can mitigate its impact by using this enhancement wisely. If you trigger Moisture Vaporator before your opponent’s draw phase, you give him a card he would have drawn anyway, while giving yourself a card to help you in any coming edge battles. This objective set also contains a copy of Supporting Fire (Chain of Command, 420) to give you a greater measure of certainty when you engage in edge battles.

A Hero’s Beginning and the Moisture Vaporator give you more cards for winning edge battles, which is certain to make your opponent pick his battles more carefully. But you can force your opponent to defend any attack carefully by piloting Luke's X-34 Landspeeder (Chain of Command, 794) to battle. This speeder offers objective damage and tactics, both crucial combat icons for the light side, and while it’s attacking, Luke’s X-34 Landspeeder gains a powerful Reaction: after defenders are declared, you can resolve your attack against a different eligible enemy objective instead! You could even combine this landspeeder with Lando Calrissian (Edge of Darkness, 328) for maximum disruption of your opponent’s plans.

Of course, even the cleverest attacks aren’t much use if you don’t have the units to make it worthwhile. The Jedi’s most powerful units are often quite expensive, which means it can be difficult to play more than one main unit in a single deployment, especially early in the game. In this objective set, you gain a unit that helps solve this problem: Owen Lars (Chain of Command, 795). Owen Lars bears the limited keyword, so you won’t be able to play him in the same turn as most resources, but his ability more than makes up for this restriction. As an Action, you can shuffle Owen Lars back into your deck to reduce the cost of the next Jedi card you play by three. This economic boost can dramatically increase the speed in which you bring your most powerful units into play or allow you to surprise your opponent with a sudden event. 

Even with Owen Lars to improve your economy, your Jedi can be destroyed without warning or discarded to win edge battles. Fortunately, this objective set also gives you a way to bring these heroes back to accomplish some Unfinished Business (Chain of Command, 797). Unfinished Business allows you to put a unit from any friendly player’s discard pile into play under your control. At the end of the phase, the unit is discarded again, but Unfinished Business can buy you enough time for the chosen unit to make a powerful attack or defend a deadly assault by the dark side.

Commanding the Fleet

Whether you begin your journey from a Tatooine moisture farm, master battlefield tactics with Grand Admiral Thrawn, or use the Imperial bureaucracy to ensnare your opponent, you’ll be able to employ these cards in your one-on-one and multiplayer games of Star Wars: The Card Game.

Pick up your copy of Chain of Command at your local retailer today!

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