Boundless Hate

Announcing the Second War Pack in the Planetfall Cycle


“Your shrines will burn, your streets run with blood, your false idols shattered, your people slaughtered by the thousands, your very planet torn apart… and the barest fraction of my hatred will be satisfied.”
–Ba’ar Zul the Hate-Bound

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Boundless Hate, the second War Pack in the Planetfall cycle for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest!

Corsairs swoop down from the skies, seizing slaves for the depraved tortures of Commorragh. Meanwhile, the World Eaters legion of Chaos Space Marines crash-lands on the same planet, eager for slaughter even as the forces of the Imperium mobilize to battle these threats. Every faction has a stake in this fight, and Boundless Hate brings you straight to the battlefield.

As the legions of Chaos pour forth from the ruined space hulk, Kaerux Erameas, the battle for Sacaellum continues to rage. In keeping with the rest of the Planetfall cycle, Boundless Hate gives new significance to the planet type symbols as each faction gravitates towards its own objectives. When you fight on planets that align with your faction’s objectives, many armies receive powerful bonuses. This War Pack also includes two new warlords, inviting you to seize slaves as a Dark Eldar archon or embrace the fury of battle as one of Khorne’s champions. Alongside these new deckbuilding options, new armies from every faction join the fight for the future of Sacaellum and the entire Traxis sector!

Unleash Your Hate

The World Eaters legion of Chaos Space Marines has come to the Traxis sector, wreaking havoc everywhere they turn and spilling blood for the Blood God. Leading the assault on Sacaellum is one of their most fearsome warriors: Ba'ar Zul the Hate-Bound (Boundless Hate, 25). 

As a warlord to lead your Chaos armies, Ba’ar Zul completely breaks the existing mold. All other warlords grow weaker once bloodied, but Ba’ar Zul wants to be bloodied as fast as possible. On his hale side, Ba’ar Zul the Hate-Bound features zero ATK and only five HP. However, he also bears an ability that reads, “Reaction: After a unit you control at this planet takes damage, move all of that damage to this warlord.” Not only does this allow you to protect your units from deadly damage, every attack your opponent makes brings Ba’ar Zul closer to a bloody battle-rage.

What advantage does Ba’ar Zul gain from being bloodied? On his bloodied side , Ba’ar Zul loses his Reaction, but in its place, he gains an ATK of three and eleven HP, both of which are higher than every other warlord in Conquest. Once Ba’ar Zul the Hate-Bound has been bloodied, he becomes a deadly warriors, cleaving through all who stand in the path of Chaos.

Ba’ar Zul’s signature squad features other war-hungry armies that you can use in the service of Khorne. The signature squad begins with four copies of Ba'ar Zul's Cleavers (Boundless Hate, 26). With two ATK and five HP, these armies are already formidable on the battlefield, but their ability makes them even more dangerous to your enemies. As an Action, you can deal two damage to Ba’ar Zul’s Cleavers to give them two additional ATK for their next attack. Of course, this ability significantly increases their attack prowess, but you can also use it to bloody Ba’ar Zul even faster by moving the damage onto Ba’ar Zul with his Reaction.

You can further fuel your love of battle with the support included in Ba’ar Zul’s signature squad: the Space Hulk, Kaerux Erameas (Boundless Hate, 27). During the combat phase, you can exhaust Kaerux Erameas to resolve a battle at a non-first planet without a warlord. You must use this ability before any other battles have been initiated this phase, but the tactical possibilities for such a support are countless. You may start a battle where your opponent was hoping to build up his forces, wiping out his armies before he was prepared to fight. You may start a battle at a planet like Ferrin (Core Set, 182) or Iridial (Core Set, 184), triggering a Battle ability that could tip other battles in your favor. You can even use Kaerux Erameas to start more battles while you hold the initiative token, fighting your opponent when you have the advantage.

The event included in Ba’ar Zul’s signature squad invites you embrace the Chaos God’s love of war and bloodshed to a greater degree. You can play Blood For The Blood God! (Boundless Hate, 28) to deal one damage to each undamaged unit at a target planet. Not only does this event incite your Brutal units like the Khorne Berzerker (Core Set, 84), Blood For The Blood God! can easily soften up your opponent for a well-timed Warpstorm (Core Set, 93).

The signature squad of Ba’ar Zul the Hate-Bound concludes with a single copy of The Butcher's Nails (Boundless Hate, 29). This attachment can only be played on your warlord, but it turns him into an even more bloodthirsty warrior of Khorne, whether he’s hale or bloodied. While The Butcher’s Nails is attached to Ba’ar Zul, he gains Brutal while hale and Armorbane while bloodied. The addition of these two keywords push Ba’ar Zul to become one of the most powerful fighters on either side of the battlefield. Opponents who hope to win by killing your warlord might quickly discover they’ve overestimated their chances.

Fight for Sacaellum

Trample the planets of the Traxis sector beneath the feet of the World Eaters. Battle to defend Sacaellum from encroaching horrors with the forces of the Imperium. Search the sector for useful material with an Ork clan or devour everything in your path as the Tyranids. We’ll explore more of Boundless Hate in a future preview of the expansion’s Dark Eldar warlord.

Until then, prepare to unleash your Boundless Hate in the third quarter of 2015!


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