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Desperate Allies Is Now Available for Age of Rebellion™

“You are part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor. Take her away!”
–Darth Vader, Star Wars: A New Hope

The Diplomats of the Rebel Alliance work constantly to support the Rebellion. As one of these selfless operatives, you spread the truth about the Empire’s atrocities. You analyze data to keep the Rebels safe for another day. You win new star systems to the cause, bringing countless soldiers, starships, and resources. Your noble work has not been thankless. Today, you can bring new options to your Diplomats and other characters in Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion™ with Desperate Allies, now available at your local retailer and online through our webstore!

Desperate Allies is an Age of Rebellion sourcebook that focuses on the Diplomats of the Rebel Alliance. Three new species and three new specializations of the Diplomat career expand options for every character, while two new Signature Abilities allow your Diplomats to take their time in the spotlight by tapping into their vast knowledge or cunning intellect. New items and vehicles best suited to diplomatic endeavors can be found in abundance, and you’ll also find new rules for establishing a Rebel base, allowing you to set up a surveillance post, an embassy, or any other base you can imagine. 

Find New Allies

Our first designer diary for Desperate Allies explored the new character options introduced in this sourcebook. You can now play as a Caamasi, a Neimoidian, or a Gossam – all species with a natural predilection towards diplomatic work. The Diplomat career also gains access to three new specializations. With the Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook, you could already choose to play as an Agitator, an Ambassador, or a Quartermaster. With the addition of Desperate Allies, you have the chance to take on some new specializations: Advocate, Analyst, or  Propagandist.

Each of these new specializations has plenty of important talents and skills to bring to the Rebel Alliance. You may play an Advocate and take a role as a political advisor, orchestrating momentous treaties and crucial agreements from behind the scenes. Alternatively, you may process information at record speed when you play as an Analyst, using your skills with managing information to craft brilliant solutions to the Rebellion’s problems. You can even play as a Propagandist, revealing the evil of Imperial agendas while deliberately feeding misinformation to the agents of the Empire. These specializations may even appeal to characters from outside the Diplomat career. Some added social graces can help even the most reckless Ace accomplish his goals.

In our second designer diary, we turned our attention to the two new Signature Abilities available to your Diplomats with the addition of the Desperate Allies sourcebook. These powerful new abilities allow your Diplomats to step up and take their turn in the spotlight by shaping the outcome of an encounter.

The first Signature Ability available to your Diplomats – Diplomatic Solution – allows you to instantly change the nature of any combat. You may convince your foes that words offer a better solution than blasters. Your calming influence may inspire die-hard enemies to find common ground. You may even tempt bloodthirsty bounty hunters and trained killers to reconsider the terms of their contracts. No matter where the Rebellion sends you, Diplomatic Solution offers a way for your Diplomats to keep the whole party out of trouble. 

The second Signature Ability your Diplomats gain in Desperate Allies is Unmatched Insight. This ability gives you the immediate, important information you need to control any encounter. When the Unmatched Insight ability is fully upgraded, you can quickly assess any room of characters, learning their secret hatreds and unspoken allegiances – and you’ll know how to manipulate them to serve the interests of the Rebel Alliance! Unmatched Insight can even help you in combat, letting you determine a trooper’s loyalty to his cause or learn how to incite a commander to make a tactical error. 

Serve the Rebellion

At times, the Rebellion’s cause may seem impossible. The massive forces of the Galactic Empire stretch throughout the galaxy, spreading fear wherever they go. As a Diplomat, you light the fire of hope to drive back the fear of the Rebellion. You give meaning to the Galactic Civil War. You keep the memory of peace alive in a galaxy that knows nothing but fear. 

Take on your role as a Rebellion Diplomat with the Desperate Allies sourcebook!

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