18 June 2015 | Forbidden Stars

Time to Wage War

Forbidden Stars Is Now Available


“A hundred thousand worlds, ten hundred thousand wars. There is no respite, there is nowhere to hide. Across the galaxy, there is only WAR!”
   –Warhammer 40,000

Invade unclaimed star systems, issue your orders, and unleash ruthless armies upon your foes. Forbidden Stars is now available at your local retailer and in our online store!

In this game of interplanetary warfare, two to four players battle to claim the once lost Herakon Cluster at any cost. Over the course of the game, you and your opponents will occupy unclaimed worlds, build up your forces, expand your strategic options, and clash in ferocious, relentless battles. You have eight rounds to seize glorious victory by retrieving your faction’s objectives, or witness your forces perish valiantly in the attempt. 

Worlds Waiting for Conquest

For millennia, impenetrable Warp Storms closed off the Herakon Cluster from the rest of the galaxy, concealing its ancient treasures and valuable resources. Now, although scattered Warp Storms still occur, a safe passage has opened at last. The most formidable forces of the galaxy are rapidly descending upon the Herakon Cluster, bringing death and destruction in their wake. They will stop at nothing to control this invaluable sector of space.

In every game of Forbidden Stars, the Herakon Cluster is composed from twelve double-sided star system tiles, each divided into planets and void areas. As demonstrated in our first preview, by choosing how these tiles connect, and where your forces are initially deployed, you can start enacting cunning and fruitful strategies before combat begins.

Four Powerful Factions 

Each faction in Forbidden Stars has a range of specialised units and Combat cards that combine to create a unique playstyle. As your presence in the Herakon Cluster grows and you begin to reap the rewards of occupying its worlds, you can acquire units of increasing might. Similarly, you can enhance your combat deck by investing resources harvested from friendly worlds.

Determined to claim the sector for the Imperium are the Ultramarines, disciplined and stalwart fighters famous for their unwavering loyalty to the Emperor. Their forces and tactics are the focus of our fifth preview. The Craftworld Iyanden Eldar bring into battle their swift ships, clever ploys, and spirit-driven Wraithguards, described in the sixth preview, intending to ruthlessly destroy those who oppose them.

The vicious World Eaters Chaos Space Marines aim to bathe the Herakon Cluster in blood for Khorne. These dreaded and savage enemies to Mankind are constantly raising up new warriors to fight for the Chaos Powers. You can learn more about the armies of Chaos in the seventh preview. Finally, the fast-riding Evil Sunz Orks also yearn to control these once-lost worlds, invading with battlewagons and rampaging hordes to conquer, loot, and wreak havoc wherever possible. As seen in the eighth preview, they use the mayhem of battle to their advantage and overwhelm their enemies with countless reinforcements.

War Is Inevitable

The Herakon Cluster is so viciously contested that war can erupt in any system, at any time. In each round you can issue four types of orders: Dominate, Deploy, Strategize, or Advance (described in detail in our second preview). Dominate, Deploy, and Strategize enable you to harvest resources, build up your war machine, and enhance your tactical capabilities. When your forces are ready and the time is ripe, play the Advance to move your army into place and attack.

With the Advance Order, battalions of warriors can descend upon planets and massive ships take aim at each other across the void. Then, combat begins. First, you and your opponent roll dice, and then execute cunning battlefield tactics by playing Combat cards over three execution rounds. The third preview introduces the basics of combat.

But the tide of battle may turn unexpectedly. A well-planned onslaught can transform into a gory atrocity, an apparently foolhardy attack can result in an unequivocal triumph. Our fourth preview looks into the advanced tactics of combat upgrade cards and the merciless Orbital Strikes that can eliminate defenseless units with a single blow. 

Let the Battles Begin!

In a sector this rich with untapped potential and ancient treasures, there can be no peace, but only eternal war among the stars. Now is the time to prepare your invasion, occupy unclaimed worlds, plot your battle tactics, and lead your armies to triumph. 

Pick up your copy of Forbidden Stars today! 

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