Warriors and Manticores

Preview a Hero and Monster Group from Visions of Dawn


“Take your lessons from the wind: swift and constant, striking as a howling gale.”
–Nara the Fang

For decades, the ogres and trolls of Terrinoth have been bitter enemies, but now, these two groups of monsters have joined together to raid and ravage the peaceful lands of the realm. It falls to Terrinoth’s heroes to shatter this monstrous alliance before it can solidify. You decide Terrinoth’s fate as the heroes or the overlord with the Visions of Dawn Hero and Monster Collection!

Like other Hero and Monster Collections, Visions of Dawn offers ten plastic figures previously only available in the first edition of Descent. You can fight to save the people of Terrinoth with four new heroes, or bring order crashing down with two ogres, two trolls, and two manticores. Whichever side you support, the two brand-new quests included in Visions of Dawn offer new challenges for heroes and overlords.

In our last preview, we looked at the magic of Master Thorn and the brutish power of a rampaging troll. Today, we turn to the Nara the Fang’s martial strength and the manticore’s deadly attacks!

Contains four heroes, two ogres, two trolls, and two manticores.

Vigilant for Danger

Nara the Fang emerged from the darkness one night, a masked avenger driving bandits and rogues away from a loose collection of country villages. Suspicious and grateful in turns, the inhabitants of these settlements have made Nara a heated topic of gossip. They swear she can leap from rooftop to rooftop as she dispenses violent justice against the transgressor. Her true identity is frequently debated. The only hint comes from Nara’s namesake – her own missing fang. Now, the newly forged alliance between ogres and trolls threatens the villages that Nara has sworn to protect. She’ll do whatever it takes to destroy these monsters and safeguard her people.

In your games of Descent: Journeys in the Dark, Nara the Fang is quick enough to run circles around the monsters, while still hitting hard enough to fell even the mightiest troll. Her speed of five is already higher than average for Warriors, and Nara’s hero ability helps her stay even more mobile. Once per round, after Nara defeats a monster with a Melee weapon, you can put her figure in any empty space adjacent to the monster before removing the defeated monster from the map. By taking out monsters and quickly moving around them, Nara can stay ahead of her opponents and continue her attacks. 

Once per encounter, you also have the opportunity to use Nara’s heroic feat to appear of the darkness and attack an unwitting monster. As an action, you can trigger this heroic feat to transport your hero to a nearby space. Then, you may perform an attack that gains Pierce 2, slicing through armor and flesh alike. By swiftly moving through hostile terrain and piercing your foes’ armor, Nara the Fang can cut her way through a horde of monsters before they’re truly aware of her presence, making her an invaluable addition to your hero party.

Red of Tooth and Claw

Resembling a hideous amalgamation of unnatural features, the manticore is the unmistakable magical corruption of some base creature. This beast’s most dangerous weapon is neither its rows of fangs, nor its razor-edged claws, but its arched tail. The spikes fired from a manticore’s tail can pierce armor of the finest quality, and the most fearsome manticores imbue their spikes with deadly venom. Recently, these terrifying creatures have been sighted fighting alongside ogres and trolls, making them a deadly threat to the heroes’ latest quest.

When you play as the overlord, you can command your manticores to harry the heroes from afar, even as massive ogres and trolls tear them apart at close range. The manticores’ attack dice favor long-range attacks, and all manticores bear the Ravage ability, which allows them to use both actions to attack during their activation. By firing the manticores’ magical spikes into the heroes from afar, you can soften up the heroes before your heavy-hitters move in to finish the job.  

Your manticores also have a host of powerful surge abilities that make their attacks even more dangerous. All manticores can spend surges to gain additional range and to give their attacks Pierce, helping them to cut through a hero’s armor. Master manticores may also spend a surge to poison their target, threatening the hero with increasing damage in future rounds. When you call upon the manticores to aid your forces, their fearsome Ranged attacks will be a perpetual thorn in the heroes’ side.

Shatter a Dark Alliance

Without the intervention of Terrinoth’s heroes, the allied ogres and trolls will sweep across the land, burning and destroying all that stands in their path. In the Visions of Dawn Hero and Monster Collection, you determine whether Terrinoth stands or falls. Prepare for new quests and adventures, and pre-order Visions of Dawn at your local retailer today!

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