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New Ace Specialization Decks for Age of Rebellion Are Now Available

“We’re going in. We’re going in full throttle.”
  – Luke Skywalker

Among the heroes of the Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion™ roleplaying game, there is a group of individuals with nerves of durasteel and carbonite who courageously face death time and time again. These Aces take incredible risks, tempt fate, and usually make it back alive to tell the tales of their exploits. On land or among the stars, in the pilot’s seat or manning the guns, Aces excel at their chosen work, accomplishing feats of flying, riding, shooting, and engineering that others can only imagine. 

With four new Specialization Decks, you can now keep all the extraordinary talents of Ace characters right at your fingertips. These specialization decks allow players and Game Masters to quickly reference the details of every talent within the new Hotshot, Beast Rider, and Rigger Ace specializations, as well as the Ace Signature Abilities introduced in the Stay on Target supplement. With these cards in hand, you’ll be able to keep the action of your Age of Rebellion sessions moving forward at full throttle. 

The Stuff of Greatness

The Rebellion’s Aces are united by their dedication to the cause, their unshakesable courage, and their expertise – but their individual skill sets are as varied as the planets in the galaxy. Using the twenty cards found in each Specialization Deck, you can easily keep track of an Ace character’s unique and developing talents, from deft flying tricks honed in dogfights to beast-wrangling techniques learned over a lifetime of working with animals. Each card contains the rules for a single talent and features full-color art designed to immerse you more fully in the Star Wars universe.

  • As a Hotshot you’re naturally adept at piloting and known for your daring moves, unexpected shortcuts, and seemingly endless supply of second chances. You might play a celebrity podracer recruited by the Rebellion, or a defector from the Imperial academy, kept from advancing by your disregard for the rules. 
  • Beast Riders offer the Rebellion more than their skill with animals. These outdoorsmen are experienced survivalists, able to thrive in any environment and track everything from small animals to Stormtroopers and Imperial Walkers. 
  • Riggers can solve almost any problem they come across through technology. They’re perfectly comfortable controlling the guns of a starfighter or bartering with underworld contacts for illegal components. A Rigger's vehicle guaranteed to be full of innovative surprises. 

The eighteen cards of the  Ace Signature Abilities Specialization Deck detail two Signature Abilities. This One Is Mine enables Aces of any specialization to challenge an enemy vehicle to an isolated duel in the midst of a larger battle without fear of third-party interference. Unmatched Survivability makes your vehicle nearly impossible to take out of commission, allowing it to withstand otherwise crippling hull trauma and perform as if it were unharmed. 

Full Speed Ahead

Whether you’re the boldest, most daring Hotshot at your Rebel base or a Spy who picked up the Beast Rider specialization during a mission on Naboo, these Specialization Decks will help you use your talents to their fullest in your service with the Rebellion. Pick up your Specialization Decks today!

  • Ace Hotshot
  • Ace Beast Rider
  • Ace Rigger
  • Ace Signature Abilities 
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