26 March 2015 | X-Wing

Updated Pilot Manuals

Download the New X-Wing™ FAQ and Tournament Rules

Pilots on both sides of the Galactic War fly to battle for a variety of reasons. Some chase glory. Others fight for freedom. Some hunt their enemies to earn valuable credits. As the galaxy's Scum and Villainy enter the tournament environment, there are more pilots engaging in the game's dramatic dogfights, fighting for a wider variety of reasons than ever before.

Make sure you understand this new faction and its new tactics before you next head to battle. Download the new X-Wing  FAQ  (pdf, 11.5 MB) and tournament rules  (pdf, 4.2 MB) and receive a quick debriefing on the Scum and Villainy faction. For those interested in even larger battles, the  Epic (pdf, 4.8) and Escalation tournament rules (pdf, 3.7 MB) can be found on the X-Wing page.


These changes will go into effect on April 15th, 2015.

A Word from the Developer

Greetings, pilots!

A new tournament season is upon us, and the Scum and Villainy faction has entered the fray. The latest FAQ addresses a number of rules questions presented by the faction's many devious tricks and traps. It also introduces a couple of subtle — but significant — rules changes. These changes have been rigorously playtested and analyzed, and they represent a small, important rebalancing of two key game mechanics.

The first is a change to huge ship weapons. When a huge ship is attacking with its primary weapon at Range "3" and beyond, the defender will now roll a single bonus defense die instead of two extra dice at Range "4" and three extra dice at Range "5." Huge ships were having difficulty handling the overwhelming numbers of three-agility targets they were facing, and this improvement to their primary weapons gives them the firepower they need to bring down their more elusive enemies.

The second change moves Decloaking to a different timing window — pushing it forward to the start of the Activation phase. This serves two functions: it clears up a number of problematic interactions with the “when you reveal your dial” timing window, and it tempers the extreme positional advantage of high pilot skill ships with access to Cloak tokens. Overall, this change helps bring the TIE phantom to parity with other ships without taking away what makes it special.

Finally, the tournament rules have received a number of minor tweaks. Players may now use Debris Cloud tokens in tournament play, and the Escalation format has been slightly revised as players are now required to field at least two ships in their opening 60-point squads. This is to help curtail the dominance of highly defensive single-ship lists in the opening round.

Wave VI is the biggest wave of X-Wing yet, and there are a ton of new ships, pilots, and card interactions to process. We’ve done our best to provide a comprehensive FAQ, but if you’re stumped by an interaction and can’t find an answer therein, feel free to contact Fantasy Flight Games with your questions.

Have fun and fly casual,

Alex Davy, X-Wing Developer

Thanks, Alex!

Surviving a dogfight is hard enough. You don't want to go to battle, flying blind, or with your sensors damaged. Download the FAQ , tournament rules , Epic tournament rules , and Escalation tournament rules now, and be prepared for your next mission.

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