12 February 2015 | A Game of Thrones LCG

Avoid a Backstabbing

New FAQ and Tournament Rules are Available for A Game of Thrones


The 2015 A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Organized Play season has gotten off to a roaring start with Store Championships. Battles rage across the Seven Kingdoms each week, and those with the most knowledge give themselves the best opportunity to be named Champion. Will you use your knowledge to gain an advantage over your foe? Or will you fall by the wayside, just another pretender to the throne?

What knowledge will you acquire, and how will you use it? Be sure to read the new FAQ (pdf, 2.3 MB) and tournament rules (pdf, 1.5 MB) before heading out to your next tournament. These changes will go into effect on February 16th, 2015.

A Word from the Developers

Hello A Game of Thrones players,

As we move deeper into the Store Championship season, a couple of metagame trends that began to creep into the game at last year’s Tourney of Stahleck and World Championships have strengthened their grasp upon the environment. Instead of waiting until our regularly scheduled pre-Regional Championships FAQ document, we have decided to release a small mid-season FAQ to address these concerns.

The top item being addressed is the River plot deck which, in spite of a restriction to Crossing the Mummer’s Ford (Spoils of War, 20), is still dominating the game. To lower the ceiling on how much card advantage Crossing the Mummer’s Ford card can provide, we are adding an errata to its effect that prevents it from being triggered by other card effects. This will limit the card’s effectiveness to one use each time a player cycles through his or her plot deck. To anticipate the most likely rules question relating to this errata, if another River plot attempts to trigger it as the top River card in your used pile, the “cannot” is absolute, and nothing will happen.

In addition to the River plot deck, we are taking this opportunity to address a few other strategies that have been warping the recent environment. Daenerys Targaryen (Ancestral Home, 76) and Melisandre’s Favor (The Horn that Wakes, 63) have both been added to the restricted list. We are adding an errata to Harrenhal (Ancestral Home, 78) that requires the character killed to pay its cost be both owned and controlled by the player who is using Harrenhal, to break up the card’s combo potential with the aforementioned Melisandre’s Favor. Finally, the combo of Unburnt (Queen of Dragons, 1) and Aloof and Apart (Secrets and Schemes, 18) is being checked, so that the free save the combo enables is no longer repeatable.

In the Q&A section, we field questions on two topics. The first explains the timing of the new Castle plots. The second covers the physical placement (dead pile, discard pile, or deck) of multiple cards that leave play simultaneously when there are no specific instructions regarding the order in which those cards arrive in their new location.

We hope that this FAQ release serves to rejuvenate the environment, and helps to maximize your enjoyment of the game over the remainder of the Store Championship season.

Nate French
Fantasy Flight Games

Thanks Nate!

Don’t let yourself be caught unaware at your next Store Championship. Download the new FAQ and tournament rules today so you’ll be ready as you ride into battle.

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