It Has Been Decreed

Decree of Ruin Is Now Available for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest


“Without mercy or moral feeling, the Farseer’s consciousness stands upon the edge of spiritual destruction.”
–Inquisitor Bronislaw Czevak

The battle for Sacaellum has begun! As the Tau Empire sends its forces into combat alongside human auxiliaries, the Astra Militarum mobilises under the command of Commissar Broderick Worr. Though the battle begins with only two armies, every faction in the Traxis sector has its own reasons to fight for the shrine planet of Sacaellum. Join the fight when you pick up your copy of Decree of Ruin at your local United States retailer or online through our webstore.

Decree of Ruin is the first War Pack in the Planetfall cycle for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest, and it ushers in a new cycle for this Living Card Game®. Here, you’ll find a new emphasis on planet type symbols, taking them beyond a means to your victory. When you battle for a planet that matches your faction’s ideals, you’ll quickly discover that your soldiers have abilities unlike anything seen before. In addition, this War Pack offers two new warlords with their eight-card signature squads: one for the Astra Militarum and one for the Tau. Forty-two other cards offer new units, supports, events, and attachments to the other factions in the game as you begin the battle for Sacaellum!

Trickery and Dark Sorcery

Though the Eldar faction’s new warlord only arrives to the battle for Sacaellum in the sixth War Pack of the Planetfall cycle, you’ll find new Eldar cards to include in your armies from the beginning. In this expansion, you can harness the Eldar predisposition for combat tricks and sudden moves to punish your opponent in unexpected ways. 

The first Eldar card you’ll see in Decree of Ruin is the Prophetic Farseer (Decree of Ruin, 20), an Eldar army unit with a potentially dangerous Reaction. After you deploy the Prophetic Farseer, you can look at the top three cards of your opponent’s deck and discard any of those cards which have one or more shield icons, replacing the remaining cards on top of the deck in any order. Essentially, the Prophetic Farseer reduces your opponent’s chances of drawing additional shield cards during the command phase by selectively discarding upcoming shield cards. Because the  Prophetic Farseer isn’t loyal, you may even pair him with Dark Eldar cards like Visions of Agony (The Howl of Blackmane, 14) or Murder of Razorwings  (Core Set, 112) to systematically strip your opponent’s shields and leave him with no way to protect himself from your attacks. What’s more, because every event card has a least one shield icon, when you deploy the Prophetic Farseer, you’re also reducing your opponent’s options for manipulating future battles.

Decree of Ruin offers the Eldar another army unit in the Wraithguard Revenant (Decree of Ruin, 21). Under standard conditions, this unit costs two resources for zero command icons, three ATK, and two HP. This might not seem like the best deal, but fortunately, you’ll rarely need to pay the two resources to deploy the Wraithguard Revenant. Whenever you win a command struggle at a materiel planet (green planet type symbol), you can put the Wraithguard Revenant into play from your hand or discard pile at that planet instead of taking the planet’s card and resource bonuses. Once you play a Wraithguard Revenant, your opponent can never truly get rid of it—all the Wraithguard Revenants in your hand and discard pile are just one strategic command struggle victory away from entering play for free. 

Finally, this War Pack offers the Eldar a powerful new support card: Deathly Web Shrine (Decree of Ruin, 22). After you move one of your units from one planet to another in the combat phase, you can exhaust the Deathly Web Shrine to immediately exhaust a non-Elite army unit at the same planet as the unit just moved. Obviously, the Deathly Web Shrine works best with the warlord who naturally has a high concentration of Mobile units— Baharroth (Descendants of Isha, 111). Because you can trigger this support card when any unit moves, including your warlord, you’re almost making a chosen Mobile unit a slightly weakened version of Eldorath Starbane (Core Set, 6), exhausting one of your opponent’s key units before the battle can truly begin.

Claim the Planet

The battle for Sacaellum is already raging, and yet, it has only begun. Muster your forces and battle for the future of the Traxis sector with Decree of Ruin. Pick up your copy of this War Pack at your local U.S. retailer today. 

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