Vampiric Thirst

Preview the Kyndrithul Lieutenant Pack for Descent


Deep within the Mistlands, the vampire known as Kyndrithul plots and waits. He is the lord of House Dalibor, and of late, his influence has waned, deferring to the leadership of the other vampire lords. Most assume that Kyndrithul has slipped into a position of subservience, but the older politicians remember the shrewd words of Kyndrithul’s father: “A lord’s foes face his watchful eye and ready sword, while his servants stand behind in treacherous silence.”

Yet Kyndrithul’s silence may only be that of a powerful sorcerer devoted to his latest study. The vampire has stirred up suspicion, however, summoning the attention of the battalion that was sent to keep watch over the power-hungry lords of Bilehall. Somewhere within his realm, Kyndrithul’s secrets lay hidden—secrets that could condemn him to a punishment beyond what any mortal could dream or endure…

You can bring this powerful vampiric sorcerer into your plans with the Kyndrithul Lieutenant Pack for Descent: Journeys in the Dark. Like other Lieutenant Packs, this expansion does far more than allow you to replace the token from Mists of Bilehall with a sculpted plastic figure. Here, you’ll also find a unique ten-card deck of Plot cards that invites you to unleash Kyndrithul’s power on any Descent campaign! (For the full Lieutenant Pack rules, visit the Descent support section.)

Today, we enter the Mistlands to learn the dark secrets and terrible powers of the vampire lord, Kyndrithul.

Vital Essence

When you choose Kyndrithul as your agent for a Descent campaign, you gain access to his unique ten-card Plot deck, which invites you to harry the heroes and break their spirit in any quest. When you’re using the Vital Essence Plot deck, you automatically start the campaign with the Broken Plot card. When a hero is defeated, you may exhaust Broken to place a threat token from the supply on one of the defeated hero’s Class cards instead of drawing an Overlord card or gaining a threat token. As long as the threat token remains on the hero’s Class card, the hero must suffer one additional fatigue to use the ability, reducing his ability to enhance his movement or even use his abilities! And Broken isn’t the only Plot card in this deck that takes advantage of placing threat tokens on the heroes’ Class cards.

You can punish the heroes for defeating a lieutenant or agent with Last Words . With your minion’s final breath, you may invoke a dreadful curse—by exhausting Last Words when a hero defeats a lieutenant or agent, you can place a threat token on one of that hero’s Class cards. Then, the targeted hero must suffer fatigue equal to the number of threat tokens on all of his Class cards, potentially bringing even the mightiest hero to his knees. Alternatively, you could use Kyndrithul’s influence to hamper the heroes’ movement with Slow Bones . You can exhaust Slow Bones at the start of your turn, and while the card is exhausted, each of the heroes must reduce his Speed by the number of threat tokens on his Class cards. 

Other Plot cards in the Vital Essence deck help you keep the heroes from foiling your plans before they come to fruition. You can exhaust No Interference to dissuade the heroes from triggering their abilities on your turn—while No Interference is exhausted, each time a hero uses a Class card with a threat token on it, the hero instantly suffers three damage. You can also keep the pressure on the heroes and press them into a corner with Worn Down . This Plot card can be exhausted after a hero uses a Class card with a fatigue cost, and it simply allows you to place a threat token on that Class card, infecting the heroes with your pervasive influence and making their passage through the Mistlands even more difficult.

Master of Bones

If you summon Kyndrithul to fight on your behalf in a quest, you can use him directly oppose the heroes. As a vampire lord, Kyndrithul features a number of powerful abilities, including an extensive knowledge of Sorcery, which allows him to convert range into damage or vice versa! Kyndrithul has also delved into other dark magics, including possessing ancient skeletons. By spending a surge, Kyndrithul can trigger Bone Splinter, forcing every figure adjacent to his target to suffer two damage!

Kyndrithul’s Bloodthirst also keeps him on the battlefield after taking more damage than a mere mortal could stand—whenever a hero is knocked out, anywhere on the map, Kyndrithul immediately recovers three damage. He may also stretch his dark powers to Enthrall the heroes themselves. At the start of Kyndrithul’s activation, you can choose any number of heroes in Kyndrithul’s line of sight to test their Willpower. If none of the chosen heroes pass the test, you may make a single attack with each chosen hero as if he were a monster. A well-timed Enthrall could tear the hero party apart under the gleeful manipulation of Kyndrithul.

Will You Enter the Mistlands?

Dark terrors await the heroes within the shroud of the Mistlands, and the schemes of the vampire lords are far from the only danger that lurks within. Join us next week as we preview the Ardus Ix’Erebus Lieutenant Pack, and for now, pre-order your copy of the Kyndrithul Lieutenant Pack at your local retailer today.

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