26 November 2015 | Star Wars: Armada

Shields Up!

The Second Wave of Expansions for Star Wars™: Armada Is Now Available

"Shields up!"
     –Captain Needa

Attention, fleet admirals, it's time to raise your shields and command your fleet into a new wave of strategic space battles!

The second wave of expansions for Star Wars™: Armada is now available at retailers throughout the United States and scheduled for European release on December 1st. Availability in other regions may vary.

The five expansions packs from Armada Wave II introduce the game's first large-base ships, the Imperial-class Star Destroyer and MC80 Mon Calamari star cruiser. These massive warships are bigger and more brutal than anything yet to enter the game, and they are bound to form the backbone and high command of many opposing fleets.

Meanwhile, a handful of new Rogue squadrons are likely to reshape your fighter battles with their ability to move and attack in the squadron phase, independent of the squadron command, and the Raider-class corvette and MC30c frigate arrive as versatile, small-base ships that give you more reason than ever to diversify your ships and tailor your fleet to your overall strategy.

Bigger and More Brutal Than Ever

Even as it expands your fleet-building options, Armada Wave II marks the introduction of yet another expansion—the tournament standard for Armada Organized Play is growing to 400 fleet points.

Whether or not you use the Imperial-class Star Destroyer or MC80 star cruiser, these colossal capital ships are making their impact upon the battlefield, and at 400 fleet points, your Armada battles are bound to feel larger, more strategic, and more epic than ever. The game becomes truly galactic in scope, and your range of possible fleet designs increases accordingly.

At 400 fleet points, your Imperial fleet can easily consist of three Imperial-class Star Destroyers, or you could select one Imperial-class Star Destroyer to serve as your flagship and have it lead an assortment of smaller Star Destroyers or a deadly swarm of Raider-class corvettes, all of which could be escorted by a mighty wing of starfighters.

A sample Imperial fleet, featuring several Wave II ships and squadrons alongside some of those from Wave I.

Or if you're a Rebel player, you could run the Home One alongside a fleet that consists of some of the most iconic ships and pilots in the game. With Wave II, the Rebels can now take advantage of most of the ships that featured in the Battle of Endor, and with its squadron value of three, your flagship MC80 Assault Cruiser can easily direct Luke Skywalker and a couple of B-wings into battle, while Han Solo and Dash Rendar can use their Rogue ability to engage and attack the enemy on their own time.

Like the Imperials, the Rebels gain tremendous fleet-building flexibility from the addition of Wave II to the pool of available ships and squadrons.

Altogether, the addition of the Wave II ships and the increased number of available fleet points means that, whether you're an Imperial or Rebel player, you'll find more flexibility in your range of potential Armada fleets, and you'll be able to more precisely build to your strategy. Will you bank on the power and resilience of a few large ships? Will you buzz about your opponent with a swarm of small-base ships? Or will you balance your approach between ships of various sizes, accompanied by bomber wings and fighter screens?

Learn More About Wave II from Our Previews

You can learn more about the new Wave II capital ships and squadrons from our previews, and you can find plenty of information about them in our community forums as well, where fans have responded to their early appearance during the recent The Massing at Sullust preview event.

  • In Rule Through Fear, we looked at what the Imperial-class Star Destroyer, the new Darth Vader commander, and the expansion's many upgrades might add to your Imperial fleet.

A closer look at the imposing, large-base Imperial-class Star Destroyer

  • Then, we took a look at the Rebellion's counterpart in Rebel Command, in which we previewed both versions of the MC80 and the Admiral Ackbar commander, along with some of the possible tactics they might introduce.
  • Fast and Aggressive highlighted the Raider-class corvette and its uses as either a dedicated anti-fighter vessel or a fast and nimble support ship. Equipped with an Overload Pulse , for example, your Raider II-class Corvette is a terrifying, low-point addition to any fleet running the Avenger .
  • The MC30c frigate was the focus of Race into Battle, the preview that also looked at what General Rieekan might add to a fleet of Rebels dedicated enough to their cause that they'd be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. In response, the fan community has already begun barking out commands, directing their ship captains to "accelerate to ramming speed!"
  • Finally, A Few Surprises addressed the new squadrons from the Rogues and Villains Expansion Pack, along with the impact that their new Rogue, Grit, and Intel keywords are likely to make. The best use of squadrons has been the subject of a long-running, heated debate, and these new squadrons are certain to spur further debate as they open fire on your enemies.

Rogue squadrons like Han Solo open up all manner of new tactical options. Here, we see how easily Han can use his Rogue ability to activate, perform an attack to destroy one squadron, use his Grit ability to move out of an engagement, and fly to engage an enemy bomber wing, luring their fire away from your capital ships!

Intensify Forward Firepower!

Intensify your forward firepower with the new ships and squadrons from Armada Wave II!

From the lethality of its large-base ships to the versatility of its new Rogue squadrons and nimble, small-base starships, Wave II launches Armada into the midst of a bolder, bigger, and better battlefield. The fate of the galaxy is at stake. Pick up your Wave II ships today!

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