30 October 2015 | X-Wing

A Pilot's Options

An Update to the X-Wing™ Tournament Rules


When the original X-Wing™ Core Set first released in 2012, it included a damage deck that became a familiar part of any player’s squad. In early September of this year, The Force Awakens™ Core Set was released. This exciting new product introduced a new damage deck to the game with the intention of eventually replacing the original
damage deck.

After careful review of the impact on tournament play, we have modified the policy on the legality of damage decks in X-Wing. Each damage deck provides advantages and disadvantages to certain ships, and by extension, certain squadrons. The existence of two different decks creates a healthier metagame, further bolstering the current environment of creativity and amazing customization that X-Wing offers to its players. Toward that end, for the foreseeable future, players will also be able to choose which damage deck to use when building their squadron. The X-Wing  tournament rules have been updated to reflect this change.

Though some cards share names in both decks, players will utilize only the printed functionality of the card in the deck they are using. The X-Wing  FAQ has been updated with separate clarification sections for each damage deck.


The Damaged Sensor Array damage card from the original core set (left) has different gameplay than the Damaged Sensor Array damage card from The Force Awakens Core Set (right).

Please note that in order to showcase the new damage deck and provide spectators with a consistent experience, all competitors will use The Force Awakens damage deck at the 2015 X-Wing  World Championship. One The Force Awakens damage deck will be provided for each competitor.

The X-Wing community continues to evolve and create ever new and interesting squads. We are excited to see what you can do with one more option available to you!

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