16 October 2015 | Star Wars: The Card Game

New Marching Orders

New Star Wars™: The Card Game FAQ and Tournament Rules are Available


Soldiers can’t expect much time to relax during a war. Any time they find themselves in the same spot for too long, new orders are sure to arrive, sending them off to a new battle and new location. This can be a taxing routine, but it has the benefit of keeping soldiers from getting too complacent, keeping them alert when they enter a new engagement.

Don’t let yourself get complacent with old Star Wars™: The Card Game rules. Read the new FAQ (pdf, 1.1 MB) and tournament rules (pdf, 1.3 MB) before your next tournament and stay up to date with the latest changes.


These changes go into effect October 28th.

A Word from the Developers

Hello Star Wars: The Card Game players!

With the 2015 World Championship coming up fast, it is time for another update to the FAQ. There are only a few small additions this time around.

First is a very small but important errata to Unfinished Business (Chain of Command, 0797). This event can now only be used to bring back Jedi faction units. The interaction between this card and the Millennium Falcon (Edge of Darkness, 0332) proved quite strong, and it is a combination we do not want warping the metagame going into Worlds.

Second, we have added the sets Rogue Squadron Assault (Ready for Takeoff, set 141) and That Bucket o’ Bolts (Jump to Lightspeed, set 168) to the restricted list. The combination of A Hero’s Trial (Between the Shadows, 0633), Derek “Hobbie” Klivian (Ready for Takeoff, 0699), a Rogue Squadron X-Wing (Ready for Takeoff, 0700), and Well Paid (Jump to Lightspeed, 0828) was able to create an infinite loop whereby a single Rogue Squadron X-Wing was capable of destroying all three of the dark side player’s objectives by itself. By adding these two sets to the restricted list, we break up this combination by separating two of the key pieces of that combo.

Lastly, some clarifications have been added to the Game Play and Definitions sections of the FAQ. One of these entries instructs players how to deal with cards that search for particular characteristics on cards that are captured or within an edge stack. Another informs players that they initiate all card abilities on cards they control. Finally, it has been clarified when, precisely, a card ability is considered to have triggered, for the purposes of interacting with other card abilities.

Thank you all for your time, and we hope to see many of you at the World Championship in Roseville, MN!


Erik Dahlman
Nate French

Stay active and be prepared for your next battle against a dangerous opponent. Download the new FAQ and tournament rules today so you can emerge victorious!

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