A New Mission Objective

New Imperial Assault FAQ and Tournament Rules are Available


Soldiers in the field need to be flexible and ready to change tactics at a moment’s notice. Those that aren’t may find the mission a failure or waste of time and resources. When a new objective is handed to you, will you have the skills and knowledge to succeed?

Check out the new Imperial Assault FAQ (pdf, 4.2 MB) and tournament rules (pdf, 752 KB) before heading out to your next tournament and be prepared for whatever comes your way.


These changes will go into effect on October 28th, 2015.

A Word from the Developers

Hi all!

Here is the latest FAQ update for Imperial Assault! Following a major update with the “pass rule” in our last FAQ, this version includes only small tweaks and answers for the sake of clarity. This version also includes updates for Twin Shadows and the Ally and Villain packs.We hope these clarifications help enhance your Imperial Assault experience even further!

Paul Winchester
Fantasy Flight Games

A Word from the Organized Play Team

Greetings Imperial Assault players,

The only change to the tournament rules this time around is a rotation of skirmish maps for the upcoming season, including the Imperial Assault 2015 World Championship next month. This update sees the departure of the Moisture Farm map and the arrival of the Mos Eisley Cantina map from the Twin Shadows Expansion.

Whether your coming to the 2015 World Championships or playing at your local tournament, these documents will help prepare you. Download the FAQ and tournament rules now.

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