16 October 2015 | Mission: Red Planet

3, 2, 1… Liftoff!

Mission: Red Planet Is Now Available


She strapped herself into the brown leather seat and took a deep, excited breath. Next stop, the mountainous region of Ausonia on Mars, where rich deposits of celerium were waiting to be mined. But she wasn't headed to Mars as a Soldier, or even as an Explorer. Her job was to hunt out the astronauts of the competition and persuade them to work for her bosses instead. Persuade by any means necessary. 
The ships engines started with a low, rumbling purr. She looked at the astronauts on board from other corporations and smiled.

Enlist your astronauts, study maps of Mars, and plot your corporation’s route to riches. Mission: Red Planet is now available from local retailers in the United States and in our online store.

In this acclaimed board game designed by Bruno Cathala and Bruno Faidutti, two to six players compete to control Mars and mine its priceless natural resources. This edition incorporates updates by the original designers, including a new zone—the moon Phobos—and new Action Cards that enable players to perform devious new tricks before final scoring. The game’s steampunk aesthetic has also been given a more contemporary look with all-new graphic design, including a reinvented launchpad and a round game board. 

Martian Reconnaissance

Mission: Red Planet places you in charge of a unscrupulous mining corporation at a revolutionary moment. Incredible natural resources have just been discovered on Mars: combustible celerium which could fuel the world, dense sylvanite which could transform the materials we use and, most surprising of all, ice. In order to mine Mars’s riches, you need to send your astronauts there, occupy the most profitable zones, and do anything you can to cripple your competition. You have ten rounds to mine as much celerium, sylvanite, and ice as possible, and to complete your corporation’s secret mission. You may also make some unexpected discoveries about Mars during your excavations. The player with the most victory points at the end of those ten rounds wins. 

A team of nine cunning professionals—including an Explorer, Scientist, Secret Agent, and Saboteur—is in your employ, but be careful how you use them. After they’ve done their jobs a single time, you’ll need to send a Recruiter to hire them back before they’ll work for you again. You can learn more about these sneaky characters, the secret missions you may undertake, and what you may discover on Mars in this preview. You can also learn about the updates made to Mission: Red Planet in designer diaries by game designer Bruno Faidutti and Fantasy Flight Board Game Manager Steve Kimball, who worked together with Bruno Cathala in the revision process. 

The Race for the Red Planet Has Begun!

An unexplored world, unfathomable riches, and unknown adventures await humankind on Mars. Corporations are clamoring to get their astronauts boarded on ships, so they can get their first crack at the minerals and ice before the deposits are drained. Don’t be left behind. Prepare for liftoff by downloading the rules from the product site and pick up your copy of Mission: Red Planet today! 

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