15 October 2015 | Star Wars: Armada

A 2015 World Championship Update

Information for Those Participating in World Championships


The 2015 World Championships are coming soon, and we want players to be as prepared for their tournaments as possible. If you’re planning on attending the X-Wing™ or Star Wars™: Armada World Championships, make sure to read this article before packing for your trip!

2015 World Championships

The 2015 World Championships will take place November 4-8 in Roseville, MN. These five days contain the pinnacle of competition for each of our Organized Play games, featuring the best players in the world, awesome prizes, live streaming, side events, and more. All tournaments for this year are sold out. However, interested players can follow along with all the action on our Twitch stream, and anyone interested in attending next year should keep their eyes on our website next spring for announcements concerning the 2016 World Championships. To learn more about Organized Play program, check out our supported games’ websites.

X-Wing™ World Championship

A new damage deck was introduced to the game of X-Wing with the release of the The Force Awakens™ core set. While our updated tournament rules state that the new damage deck is not yet legal, we wanted to give everyone a taste of what’s to come by using the new damage deck at the 2015 X-Wing World Championship. To avoid any issues with damage decks being lost or forgotten during travel, we will be giving every X-Wing player at the World Championship a The Force Awakens damage deck to use during the tournament and to keep afterward.

Star Wars™: Armada World Championship

Star Wars: Armada Wave II products will not be legal for the 2015 Star Wars: Armada World Championship.

Are You Ready?

There’s more to come, including our streaming schedule. But don’t wait to start preparing! Double check to make sure you have your toothbrush and X-Wing ships packed, and don’t forget to playtest your Star Wars: The Card Game decks one last time. 2015 World Championships are only a few short weeks away!

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