13 October 2015 | Star Wars: Armada

Lead Your Forces to Victory

2015 Star Wars™: Armada World Championship Prizes


Our newest game to join Organized Play, Star Wars™: Armada has enthralled and captivated players since its release earlier this year. Competitive play for the game started a few short months ago as players began to compete in National Championships around the world. Now, a quiet period has descended as commanders make their final preparations before heading to Roseville, MN in November for the ultimate chance at glory, being named the first-ever Star Wars: Armada World Champion at the 2015 World Championships!

Competition Like No Other

Our World Championships is an experience that players will talk about long after the event is over. With world-class competition, live streaming all week, and hundreds of other passionate players, it’s impossible not to be swept up in the moment, make new friends, and create new memories, win or lose. It is easy to get caught up in all of the side events, meeting FFG staff running the events, and the fantastic gaming space, but at its core, the World Championships is about finding the best player in the world for each of our competitive games. Do you have what it takes to be crowned 2015 Star Wars: Armada World Champion?

Prizes Worthy of a Moff

The 2015 World Championships prizes have been reinforced with extra firepower, but only the most cunning admirals will be able to claim them. In addition to the participation prizes every attendee of Worlds will receive, players who do well in the 2015 Star Wars: Armada World Championship will have a chance at these fantastic prizes.

  • Completion Prize: Each player that plays through all Swiss rounds of the Star Wars: Armada World Championship receives two additional copies of the Grand Moff Tarkin alternate art card.
  • Best of Faction: Each faction’s best player receives a faction-themed set of range rulers.
  • Top 16: Each player receives a set of metallic-colored dice.
  • Top 8: Each player receives a 3’ x 3’ playmat.
  • Top 4: Each player receives an art print of a Rebellion fleet taking on a pair of Imperial Star Destroyers signed by the artist, Ben Zweifel.
  • Winner: The World Champion receives a 2015 World Champion trophy, a 3’ x 3’ playmat, and the greatest prize in gaming, the chance to design a card for Star Wars: Armada!

Please Note: Final prizes may appear slightly different pending licensor approval.

There’s Always More

These fantastic prizes aren’t the only things players will leave 2015 World Championships with. They will also be taking away cherished memories of intense matches, new friends, and five days of playing the games they love at the highest level of competition. Keep your eyes on our website for articles describing other parts of the event, including live streaming, side events, and more!

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