Stewards of the Secret

Announcing a New Hero and Monster Collection for Descent


“Some say they’ve seen the whole of Terrinoth. They are blind.”
–Seer Kel

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Stewards of the Secret, a new Hero and Monster Collection for Descent: Journeys in the Dark!

In the days of Terrinoth’s troubled past, the mad sorcerer Devis sought to create a race of utterly loyal and terrible minions that would serve him without question. His experiments created terrifying monsters that ravaged the realm until a band of heroes destroyed them and their dark master. With a forbidden rite, the heroes bound Devis’s evil knowledge within their own minds, becoming the order of the Stewards. For years, Terrinoth was spared the depredations of these monsters, but now an ancient evil rises to oppose the heroes and unveil the secret they have long protected.

Stewards of the Secret is a new Hero and Monster Collection for Descent: Journeys in the Dark, inviting you and your friends to take a part in the story of the Stewards. This expansion includes fourteen sculpted plastic figures—four heroes, three blood apes, three nagas, and four ferrox. Like other Hero and Monster Collections, these heroes and monsters hail from the first edition of Descent, now introduced to the game’s second edition with updated artwork and figure sculpts. With two brand-new quests to supplement your existing games of Descent, Stewards of the Secret challenges every hero and overlord player with new tactics and opportunities.

Stewards of the Secret includes fourteen sculpted plastic figures: four heroes, three blood apes, three nagas, and four ferrox.

I See All

Powerful and strange, the young sorceress known as Kel is a mystery to those around her. Many arrogant fools have sealed their fate by believing that her blindness is equivalent to weakness. Aside from the vibrant and powerful displays of magic she wields, Kel often displays an uncanny ability to look beyond present events. Whether she answers a question that has not yet been asked or predicts the actions of her enemies, Kel is a disturbingly helpful ally.

During your quests, Seer Kel can use her flashy displays of magic and surprising foresight to the benefit of your hero party. First, Seer Kel has an extraordinarily powerful hero ability: figures and obstacles never block her line of sight! Because mages like Kel have access to rune magic, they often bear some of the most powerful Ranged weapons in the game. The effectiveness of these weapons is only tempered by the fact that figures often close to melee combat, leaving little room between figures for your attacks. With Seer Kel, you can always find the spaces between bodies to ensure your attacks strike home.

Even as you use your unnatural sight to look past those who would stand in your way, you may gaze into the future and see what plans the overlord player has in store for the heroes. As your heroic feat with Seer Kel, you can look at the top five cards of the Overlord deck, giving you unparalleled insight into the traps and punishment that will shortly arrive! What’s more, you can choose one of these cards and place it on the bottom of the Overlord deck before you shuffle the remaining cards and replace them on top of the deck. In this way, you can mitigate the most dangerous possible threat before it ever becomes reality. Ultimately, you’ll need magical tricks like this to achieve victory in Stewards of the Secret, especially as the overlord player calls upon horrific monsters spawned by ancient sorcery. 

Prey Upon the Weak

The ferrox entered the world for the first time after the experimentations of the insane sorcerer, Devis. The exact nature and abilities of the ferrox have changed over the long years since his fall, and while they contain only a shade of their former power, the beasts have adapted. Now, the ferrox can sap the power of their enemies and use it to repair their own bodies. Sustained by their victim’s strength, a ferrox is a worthy match for any hero. 

When you call upon the ferrox as the overlord player, you’ll quickly see the attributes that made them such useful servants for Devis. A ferrox can hit dangerously hard in melee combat, and it can spend its surges to pierce even the thickest plate armor and spread disease to hinder the heroes turn after turn. 

The master ferrox boasts an even more dangerous ability. By spending an action, a master ferrox can use Extract to choose an adjacent hero. That hero must test its might—if he fails, he suffers two fatigue, and the ferrox recovers two damage! Not only does Extract give your ferrox unexpected staying power, dealing fatigue can restrict the heroes’ movement and their use of Class cards. If you wish to recover the dangerous secrets of the mad mage Devis, you can do no better than to call upon the ferrox for your own dark army. 

Secrets Revealed

Dark forces seek to recover the secrets of an evil sorcerer. Only a few noble heroes can help the order of the Stewards protect their knowledge. Take up arms with Seer Kel and her fellow heroes or reveal forbidden knowledge to call the ferrox to your side in Stewards of the Secret, a new Descent Hero and Monster Collection!

Look for Stewards of the Secret at your local retailer in the first quarter of 2016.

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