12 October 2015 | Organized Play

Order Your Winter 2015 Tournament Kits Now

Build and Support Your Local Player Community

Retailers, Winter 2015 Tournament Kits are now available for order through your distributor or by contacting your sales rep! International retailers should contact their distributor.

Tournament Kits serve as the entry way to FFG’s Organized Play programs. Each kit contains prize support and helpful suggestions on how to best support your local community. With these tools, you can host leagues, weekly game nights, or even a larger tournament to draw in players and build a thriving group of regular patrons.

What Are Tournament Kits?

Tournament Kits are the first level of kits we offer to retailers. They are designed to provide prize support and documentation that will help you run events at your store and build a healthy, vibrant community around each of our games. Tournament Kits can be used to run a weekly league for an existing group of players, host a weekend tournament to attract new players, or add some spice to a regular game night at your store. How you use it is up to you!

What Games Are Supported?

Whether you’re rushing onto the battlefield in Westeros, planning a run on a corporation’s top-secret servers, or leading a squadron of fighters against an Imperial Star Destroyer—Tournament Kits can make your store the local hub of a thriving, global community connected by Fantasy Flight Organized Play. Visit the links below to learn more about each of the games supported by Organized Play; then order your Tournament Kits today!

Are You a Player?

If you’re a player, you can do your part to grow Organized Play by telling your favorite local game store about our Tournament Kits. If you’re interested in taking a more active role in bringing events to your community, here are some ways you can help promote Fantasy Flight Organized Play:

The exclusive items and alternate art cards from these Winter 2015 Tournament Kits will be available for a limited period of time only, so be sure to talk with your local retailer about hosting tournaments for our Organized Play games.

Order Now

With the launch of A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Second Edition Organized Play has never been healthier. Don’t miss out on your chance to build a strong and healthy community in your store for the games your players enjoy, order now to receive your Tournament Kits!

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