The Ethereals Arrive

Gift of the Ethereals Is Now Available for Warhammer 40,00: Conquest


“I shall reap a terrible bounty from the death that I sow in your name, Father Nurgle…”    –Typhus the Traveller, Herald of Nurgle

The Tau Ethereals guide their entire race, shepherding them towards their rightful place as rulers of the galaxy. Now, the Ethereals have led the Tau to the Traxis sector! Swell the ranks of the Tau and every other faction with the Gift of the Ethereals War Pack for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest, now available at your local retailer and online through our webstore.

A new Tau warlord strides onto the battlefields of the Traxis sector in this expansion, but the Tau are not alone in receiving reinforcements. Dark Eldar mercenaries fight for whoever can pay, the Astra Militarum call countless legions to arms, and White Scars Space Marines ride to battle on their bikes. You may repair your supports with an Ork Repair Krew, or foretell the future with the power of the Eldar.

Of course, the minions of Chaos are not idle as the Tau arm themselves under a new warlord. With new Chaos cards from Gift of the Etherals, you can devote yourself wholeheartedly to Father Nurgle and follow Ku’gath Plaguefather!

The Fetid Stench of Nurgle

The forces of Nurgle receive a new army unit in this expansion: the Rotten Plaguebearers (Gift of the Etherals, 59). This unit has the Daemon trait, allowing you to reduce its cost with your Cultists, but it also bears a powerful Action. When you use the Rotten Plaguebearers’ Action, you exhaust the unit to deal one damage to any other unit at the same planet. This ability has dozens of possible uses. You could use it to deal a damage to an enemy unit before any other attacks can be made, or to damage one of your units, such as Ku’gath Plaguefather (The Scourge, 23) himself. Many Nurgle abilities, including Ku’gath Plaguefather and Fetid Haze (The Scourge, 27) require a unit that has been damaged. The Rotten Plaguebearers give you another way to activate these abilities.

You’ll find another way to quickly deal damage to your enemies with the Nurgling Bomb (Gift of the Ethereals, 60). When you play this event, you may choose any planet. Every non-Nurgle unit at the planet either takes one damage or is routed back to its controller’s headquarters. By playing the Nurgling Bomb on a crucial planet, you force your opponent to choose between two unappealing options. Either he sees widespread damage dealt to his units, or his entire force is routed to his HQ, leaving your forces in possession of the planet. Either way, your Nurgle units escape the damage unscathed.

The third Chaos card included in Gift of the Ethereals gives you another way to take advantage of the typically high-cost cards in Chaos decks. This card is the Throne of Vainglory (Gift of the Ethereals, 61). As an Action, you can exhaust this support to discard the top card of your deck. If the discarded card costs three or more resources to play, you may put two Cultist token units into play at your HQ! Cultist token units can be sacrificed to reduce the cost of your Daemon units, which are among the most expensive and powerful units in the game. Whether you’re trying to summon a Soul Grinder (Core Set, 91) or a Black Legion Heldrake (Core Set, 87), a reliable source of additional Cultists can easily keep pressure off of your resources.

Choose Your Tactics

Whether you’re spreading disease with the servants of Nurgle or following the inspirational leadership of the Tau Ethereals, your armies can benefit from the additional troops, steadfast supports, and powerful events contained in the Gift of the Ethereals War Pack. Muster your forces and prepare to take the Traxis sector by storm!

Pick up your copy of Gift of the Ethereals at your local retailer today. 

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