23 January 2015 | Call of Cthulhu LCG

Enter the Dreamlands

Six Classic Call of Cthulhu Asylum Packs Are Now Updated and Available


“Only three fully human souls since time began had ever crossed and recrossed the black impious gulfs to other dreamlands, and of that three two had come back quite mad. There were, in such voyages, incalculable local dangers; as well as that shocking final peril which gibbers unmentionably outside the ordered universe, where no dreams reach.”     –H.P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce that the six classic Asylum Packs of the Dreamlands cycle for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game have been reprinted and are now available!

Long out of print and in demand, these six Dreamlands Asylum Packs are now available via Fantasy Flight Games’ in-house manufacturing. Each has been updated to the sixty-card format which features three copies each of twenty individual cards, and this printing incorporates all errata from the game’s latest FAQ (pdf, 1.0 MB).

What Lies Within the Dreamlands?

It was the Dreamlands cycle that first introduced the game’s popular Day and Night mechanics, which add a sense of time and a heightened tension to its struggles. Meanwhile, the cycle also introduced a number of fantastic Dreamlands locations and Dreamer characters, those daring souls who have learned how to explore the strange and mysterious realms beyond our mortal world.

Here, in a realm where your imagination makes you strong, you’ll be able to climb The Seventy Steps (In Memory of Day, 30) and converse with the intrepid Randolph Carter (Search for the Silver Key, 63). However, the Dreamlands can also be treacherous, and you must remain wary, lest you be ambushed by the fearsome Dreamlands Fanatic (In the Dread of Night, 47) or stumble into The Cavern of Flame (In the Dread of Night, 49).

Should you dare to enter the Dreamlands, you may also come across some of its stranger residents. Ghouls, Gugs, and Zoogs all appear in these Asylum Packs, as do a handful of mysterious Tomes that may shed light upon these realms of dreams, such as a Dream Diary (Twilight Horror, 4) or The Book of Black Stones (Search for the Silver Key, 79).

Altogether, the Dreamlands cycle is filled with cards that echo and evoke H.P. Lovecraft’s visions of a realm in which the dreamer can experience unparalleled freedoms, witness unimaginable beauty, and find himself subjected to unfathomable horrors.

Dare to Dream

“Carter resolved to go with bold entreaty whither no man had gone before, and dare the icy deserts through the dark to where unknown Kadath, veiled in cloud and crowned with unimagined stars, holds secret and nocturnal the onyx castle of the Great Ones.”     –H.P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath

Travel with Dreamers, visit the Dreamlands, and take your games of Call of Cthulhu into strange, new realms. The six classic Asylum Packs from the Dreamlands cycle are now updated and available. Pick up your copies today!

Note: Due to subtle variations in print quality that arise with in-house manufacturing, players must sleeve these cards in opaque or art sleeves to use them in tournament play.


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