23 January 2015 | Eldritch Horror

Answers to Help You Solve the Mysteries

An Updated Eldritch Horror FAQ Is Now Online


So I must break through all reticences at last – even about that ultimate nameless thing beyond the mountains of madness. –H.P. Lovecraft, At the Mountains of Madness

There is now an updated FAQ and errata for Eldritch Horror available on the game’s support page. You can download it there, or by clicking the thumbnail on the right. It answers rules questions about the core game, the Forsaken Lore expansion, and the game’s newest expansion, Mountains of Madness. Armed with this fresh information, you and your fellow investigators can better focus on solving the dark mysteries of the Ancient Ones before they awaken and unleash incomprehensible horrors.

This update features a few new errata for the core game and both expansions, and provides details about the new Assets, Conditions, and Spells introduced in Mountains of Madness. There are also clarifications regarding movement, the Acquiring Assets action, and the special abilities of the new investigators Finn Edwards, Ursula Downs, and Wilson Richards. 

Download the updated FAQ (pdf, 478 KB) today!


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