23 September 2014

Manage Your NPCs With Three New Adversary Decks

Add Color and Conflicts to Your STAR WARS (R) Roleplaying Games

Three new Adversary Decks are now available to add color and conflicts to your Star Wars roleplaying campaign!

The galaxy is an incomprehensibly vast place, with more variety than any one being can hope to experience and appreciate during a lifetime. There are thousands upon thousands of inhabitable worlds, filled with hundreds of thousands of intelligent species of every imaginable shape and size. Each of the twenty cards in an Adversary Deck represents an NPC drawn from the Core Rulebooks or other supplements for Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™, Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion™, or Star Wars®: Force and Destiny™, giving you quick access to a wide range of friends and foes.

Adversary cards ensure that each NPC’s key statistics and information remain readily available, while card art and description text help Game Masters to set the scene and bring these supporting characters to life.

With these cards at your fingertips, you can quickly come up with a Twi’lek Dancer who meets your party at a Corellian cantina, a Hutt Crime Lord who offers your group a chance to smuggle spice and turn a profit, or an Imperial Moff who stops at nothing to hunt your troop of mercenaries through the Core Worlds. Whether you’re a GM or a player who develops an extended network of NPC allies, these cards allow you to create and maintain NPCs with ease.

Each of the three available Adversary Decks offers its own distinctive window into the Star Wars galaxy: Scum and Villainy, Imperials and Rebels, and Citizens of the Galaxy.

Scum and Villainy

On some planets, the criminal underworld is cautious, congregating only in secret. On other worlds, it operates in the open, wielding its influence like a blunt instrument and daring the forces of law and order to oppose it.

With the Scum and Villainy deck you can introduce your characters to gangsters, criminals, and outlaws – both notorious and amateur. Smugglers, slicers, arms dealers, hired thugs, and Hutt crime lords all mingle among the gritty congregation of characters that this adversary deck places at your fingertips.

Imperials and Rebels

Every day, the growing Rebellion threatens the Galactic Empire on new battle fields and political arenas. As their military forces clash throughout the galaxy to win the war for either freedom or oppression, each side must also fight for the hearts and minds of the galaxy’s citizens. Every day, as another reprehensible Imperial action produces new Rebel recruits, many more hope to rise to power through the Imperial ranks.

Rebel cell leaders, starfighter aces, Imperial stormtroopers, Imperial Moffs, and Bothan spies are all choosing sides in the fight for the galaxy. The Imperials and Rebels deck will give you access to all levels of authoritarian enforcers and freedom fighters alike. No matter the tides of battle, this deck will prepare you for nearly anyone you might encounter amid the heat of the Galactic Civil War.

Citizens of the Galaxy

There is no end to the variety of species and individuals you can meet if you travel far enough from home. Throughout the various sectors of the Galactic Empire and beyond, you’ll find potential allies and enemies waiting around every corner.

While other Adversary Decks are better suited to combat NPCs, the Citizens of the Galaxy Adversary Deck allows you to flesh out your campaigns and settings with rich details, oftentimes in ways that can easily transform a random encounter into the start of a fantastic adventure. As your characters wander the galaxy they are sure to run into a variety of individuals, all of whom are bound to have their own needs, desires, and secrets: a physician at a struggling medcenter, a comm operator at the local space station, an aspiring Twi’lek dancer in a slummy cantina, a Lutrillian merchant at the marketplace. These characters may offer vital information, become important allies, or make surprisingly dangerous enemies.

A Wealth of Friends and Foes

Each Adversary Deck’s twenty NPC cards includes information about the character’s statistics, skills, talents, abilities, and equipment, as well as a description that suggests how that individual might fit in to the Star Wars universe.

The Star Wars galaxy is full of adventure and obstacles to be overcome, and these new Adversary Decks are full of creatures you may meet along the way, who seek to either help or hinder your mission.

Gain quick access to a wide variety of helpful NPCs today. Head to your local retailer to pick up your Adversary Decks today, or order yours online through our webstore!

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