14 August 2014 | Dark Heresy 2nd Ed.

Start Your Inquisition

The Dark Heresy Second Edition Core Rulebook and GM Kit Are Now Available


“All of thy abilities come through the grace of the Emperor, and you must know that their use reflects back upon Him. Do not disappoint the saviour of all humanity.”
–Morticator Siobhan Reichmyn

Take on the mantle of an Acolyte and enter the darkness of the far future! Dark Heresy Second Edition and the Dark Heresy Second Edition Game Master’s Kit are now available, both online through our webstore and at your local retailer.

Enter the Askellon Sector

In Dark Heresy Second Edition, you and your friends play Acolytes in the service of an Inquisitor, bound to travel the galaxy and eradicate heresy wherever you find it. Countless dangers threaten the Imperium from every side, and as servants of the Inquisition, you are Mankind’s last line of defense. Failure to confront the evils that await you could mean damnation and destruction for the entire sector.

With the tools provided in this 448-page, full-colour rulebook, you’ll travel for the first time to the Askellon sector. Here, the corrupting influence of Chaos is strongly felt, and you must battle new threats from within, without, and beyond. Whether you exterminate cults, hunt down marauding xenos, or do battle with Daemonic spawn of the Warp, you’ll find the starting point for all your adventures in the Dark Heresy Second Edition core rulebook.

Your journeys may take you to the decaying hive world of Desoleum, the cemetery shrine world of Thaur, or the lawless asteroids of Port Aquila. Your adventure may begin with the Dark Pursuits adventure, included in the core rulebook. In this adventure, you must trail smugglers moving deadly xenos artefacts in and out of Hive Desoleum. Whether you start with this adventure or invent your own investigations in another part of the Askellon sector, your guiding principle remains the same: to vanquish heresy wherever it may lurk, for the good of all Mankind.

Face Your Fears

The Dark Heresy Second Edition Game Master’s Kit forms the perfect companion to the Dark Heresy Second Edition core rulebook. This kit includes a GM screen that brings dozens of commonly used stats and rules to your fingertips. In this kit, GMs also find everything they need to create memorable Nemeses for players to battle through overarching storylines that can span entire campaigns.

The Dark Heresy Second Edition Game Master’s Kit also includes the Desolation of the Dead adventure, which invites you and your fellow Acolytes to journey deep into Desoleum’s Underhive. There, you must uncover the secret of a xenos relic found at the center of a horrific mass murder, and stop a cult from summoning a Daemon and unleashing hordes of reanimated corpses upon the hive’s inhabitants. This adventure offers another thrilling chapter to your investigations in the Askellon sector

Battle Against Heresy

The countless heresies of the 41st millennium lie before you. You and your friends are all that stands between humanity and utter destruction. Create your Acolytes and enter the grim darkness of the far future to vanquish heresy wherever it lurks.

Head to the support section for Dark Heresy Second Edition to download PC and GM sheets, as well as a Character Creation supplement. Then, pick your copies of Dark Heresy Second Edition and the Dark Heresy Second Edition Game Master’s Kit at your local retailer today!

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