1 August 2014

Adventure Time!

The Fire at Will and The Big Wave Expansions for Dungeon Fighter Are Now Available

Fire at Will and The Big Wave, two element-themed expansions for Dungeon Fighter, are now available at your local retailer.

The dungeon will never be the same again now that you can bring fire and water into the mix. Fire and water elemental magics let heroes burn monsters down or wash them out. More bold – and unproven – heroes joins the fray. Odd and terrible new creatures attempt to thwart your progress through the dungeon, while new dice throws and elemental dice offer players fresh dexterity challenges. Whether you play with fire, get your feet wet, or make your dungeon sizzle by combining the elements, Fire at Will and The Big Wave will enhance your dungeon-fighting adventure.

Burning Down the Dungeon

Our first preview sampled the flames of Fire at Will. Burn tokens can set monsters ablaze and shorten their life span, but monsters can also deal burn tokens to heroes. Experience points, earned whenever you choose not to use a special ability, give you access to fire magic spells, which may protect you from damage or empower you against a particularly vicious monster. In order to use these spells, however, you must cast your die into the flames – over a firewall, through rings of fire, and into the center of a fireball.

Melissa, The Fire Sorceress, brings her demon-slaying expertise and her pyromania to the dungeon, which is made more dangerous by the fact that it, too, is on fire. The fire element die gives heroes increased ammunition in their battles against monsters, dealing up to three points of damage whether it lands on target or not. With Melissa’s help and some fire magic in your arsenal, you’ll have no trouble dodging explosions or extinguishing the monsters’ flames.

Making a Splash

In our second preview, we swam around in The Big Wave. We took a tour of the murky underwater caves that make up the dungeon in The Big Wave, and the pirate Jack Parrot made your acquaintance. A slippery character, Jack is fond of picking pockets and mimicking other heroes’ special abilities. His years of swashbucking have shaped him into a talented fighter, as good at slaying monsters as he is at saving his own skin.

We also looked at some of the dice throws of this expansion and the three tricky, turquoise, water element dice. Depending on where they land, these cubes may rain incomparable destruction down upon monsters – or they may do you more damage than good. Either way, you’ll be thirsting to throw them as often as possible.

Monstrous Adventure

Our last preview introduced you to the Final Boss monster of each expansion. Guarding the dungeon’s exit in Fire at Will is the dreaded and mythical Bullrog, whose flaming breath and explosive temper may light heroes on fire. Hopefully, your party of heroes will be adept enough in fire magic to turn him into a heap of smoldering ash.

Lurking in The Big Wave is the most ancient and terrible sea creature imaginable – The Great Cthulhu himself. Given that merely seeing him causes heroes to partially lose their ability to do water magic, imagine how awful it is to be wrapped in his tentacles. To send this horror back into the depths you’ll need not only solid dungeon-fighting and dice-throwing skills, but also unparalleled, undauntable bravery.

Ferocious monsters of all sorts – smoking ones, slimy ones, fire-breathers, sea witches – await you in Fire at Will and The Big Wave. Fortunately, you’ll have elemental magic, kerosene, and maybe even some grog to aid you in your quest. Are you ready to plunge into dungeon-fighting adventure?

Download the rules from the Dungeon Fighter support page and pick up your copies of Fire at Will and The Big Wave from a local retailer today!

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