9 July 2014

Brave the Elements!

Announcing Two Expansions for Dungeon Fighter

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce that the first two expansions for Dungeon Fighter, Fire at Will and The Big Wave, will soon be available at your local retailer.

In Dungeon Fighter, up to six players take on the role of self-proclaimed heroes, fighting their way out of a dungeon full of monsters. In this dexterity-based game, how you throw the dice and where they land on the game board determines your success in combat. Only by defeating all the monsters in the dungeon can you escape and prove yourself to truly be a hero.

Now it’s time to see how your heroic abilities withstand the elements. Let the flame-breathing monsters and fire elemental magic of Fire at Will heat you up, or dip your toes into water elemental magic and battle creatures from the ocean’s depths in The Big Wave.

Waterfalls, Firewalls and Explosions

You’ll learn to either ride the waves or dodge the flames in the new dexterity challenges of these expansions. Each introduces new dice throws that involve props: When doing battle with the Blue Dragon of The Big Wave, for instance, you must roll a die down the length of the waterfall prop before bouncing the die off the table and onto the game board. The Firewall monster of Fire at Will forces you to bounce your die over the firewall prop, dealing a point of damage if the die touches the firewall.

New game board templates scorch – or soak – the landscape of the game board. Some cards and rooms in each expansion ask you to flip a template onto the target board. A die landing on that template counts as a normal hit against a monster, but the template may increase the amount of damage dealt in that attack, or allow you to regain some of your health– or cause you to suffer damage even in a successful attack. For instance, when a die lands on the explosion template in Fire at Will, all heroes suffer two points of damage.

You’ve Got Magic To Do

Shields, weapons, and potions are helpful in battle, but there’s nothing quite as powerful as elemental magic. Now, heroes accumulate experience points as they progress through the dungeon. With those points, you can purchase magical spells to use in combat. In Fire at Will, heroes can acquire fire elemental spells, such as the Ritual of Flames and the Dragon’s Belch, which allow you to use the new props and templates to deal extra damage. In The Big Wave, water elemental spells, such as the Fresh Waterfall and Cry Me a River, often help heroes to heal more quickly or gain additional experience points.

You choose to cast a spell at the beginning of an encounter and spend experience points each time you cast it. Equipment, can only be used by one hero at a time, but spells can benefit the entire party of heroes. Moreover, spells are never discarded. Once you learn elemental magic, it will stay with you forever.



Catch Fire and Get Soaked

In each expansion, a new dungeon sheet transforms the dungeon into a different location filled with new perils. Fire at Will finds the heroes deep within in a cavern beneath the fire mountains. There dwells a horde of scorching (and scorched) monsters, including the Bullrog – a flame-throwing, fire-breathing minotaur who is not one bit interested in letting the heroes escape. Thankfully a new heroine, Melissa, The Fire Sorceress, joins the party. Her expertise in fire magic will prove useful to any group of heroes battling their way through the flames.

Fancy a refreshing day at the beach? The Big Wave sends the heroes on an adventure through a clammy seaside cave near a noxious swamp. The fearless pirate Jack Parrot (and his little bird, too!) will stand alongside you as you combat various monsters from the vasty deep. Awaiting you near the dungeon’s exit is the ocean’s most dreaded creature of all, The Great Cthulhu, who seeks to wrap you in his tentacles and drag you beneath the surface.

Whether you want to leap into the fire or go deep-sea diving, you’ll enjoy the new elements that Fire at Will and The Big Wave bring to Dungeon Fighter. You can play one expansion at a time, or combine them for an explosive flood of adventure!

Stay turned for more details about Fire at Will and The Big Wave. You can also check out Dungeon Fighter's description page for more information. 

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