The Scourge

Announcing the Second Pack in the Warlord Cycle for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest


"Buboes, phlegm, blood and guts! Boils, bogeys, rot and pus! Blisters, fevers, weeping sores! From your wounds the fester pours."
–Plaguebearer Daemon war chant

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce The Scourge, the second War Pack in the Warlord cycle for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest!

In this War Pack, your battles for the Traxis sector intensify as the seven factions included in the Conquest Core Set gain deadly new units, wargear, and tactics. The Scourge continues to expand the main themes of the Warlord cycle with a new Chaos warlord and a host of new cards for every faction that interact directly with warlords.

You’ll find sixty new cards in this expansion, including a new warlord with his signature squad and three copies each of seventeen distinct cards. Within The Scourge War Pack, new Space Wolves units join the hunt for your opponent’s warlord, the Dark Eldar plumb new depths of torture and depravity, and a vicious herd of Attack Squigs will prove to be a dangerous foe.

Endless Disease

The most pestilent foe you’ll find within The Scourge, however, is the new warlord for the followers of Chaos: Ku’gath Plaguefather (The Scourge, 23). This Daemon of Nurgle is the embodiment of the perfect disease, and he’s eager to share his toxic gifts with any who refuse to join the swelling hordes of Chaos. Ku’gath Plaguefather’s Reaction allows you to give his toxic infections to your opponent’s units: after Ku’gath is declared as an attacker, you may move a damage from him to another unit at the planet. Of course, Ku’gath needs damage on him to trigger his Reaction, but the cards included in his signature squad provide ways for you to manipulate damage.

Ku’gath Plaguefather’s signature squad opens with Ku’gath’s Nurglings (The Scourge, 24). This unit bears a powerful Forced Reaction that reads, “After a unit moves to this planet, deal it 1 damage.” This Forced Reaction affects both players, but Ku’gath and his followers can use damage to their advantage. Moving Ku’gath to a planet with Ku’gath’s Nurglings deals him one damage, preparing you to move that damage to one of your opponent’s units when he attacks. And if your opponent decides to move his warlord and the units at his HQ to a planet with Ku’gath’s Nurglings, he must prepare to suffer damage as a result.

The Plaguefather’s Banner (The Scourge, 26) is another card in Ku’gath’s signature squad that allows you to use your own damaged units for the glory of Chaos. By attaching The Plaguefather’s Banner to a Nurgle unit, you grant that unit an additional hit point. What’s more, the attached unit gains a Reaction identical to Ku’gath Plaguefather’s, inviting you to move even more damage across the battlefield, spreading disease among your opponent’s army units as you heal your own.

Fetid Haze (The Scourge, 27) is also found in Ku’gath’s signature squad. This event represents the ultimate gift of Nurgle’s pestilence. By playing Fetid Haze as a Combat Action, you may remove all damage from a target Nurgle unit you control. Then, your opponent must deal an equal amount of indirect damage among army units he controls at the same planet. This event can bring your warlord back from the brink of death, and since the damage must be split among your opponent’s units, you can be certain that more than one enemy army unit will be weakened by the onslaught of plague.

The final card in the signature squad is Vile Laboratory (The Scourge, 25). This support may be exhausted during the deployment phase to choose a planet. Your opponent must choose and move one of his non-Vehicle units from the target planet to an adjacent planet. Using Vile Laboratory can clear out opposition to your attacks, and even push your opponent into a position where they will take damage from Ku’gath’s Nurglings, allowing you to disperse your sicknesses even further across the galaxy.

Spreading Putrescence

Command the embodiments of new diseases in The Scourge War Pack, or march to war with the armed forces of the Astra Militarum. Whether you strike from above with the Eldar or harness the advanced Tactics and Wargear of the Tau, you’ll find cards to support your decks in The Scourge.

Look for The Scourge War Pack at your local retailer in the fourth quarter of 2014!

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