16 July 2014

Dungeon Inferno

Preview the New Fire at Will Expansion for Dungeon Fighter

So you made it out of the dungeon alive, did you? Well done! You must truly be a hero. Actually, you look a little cold. Why don’t you come into this cave and warm up by the fire? You know, it’s good that you’re here. This cave has a relatively minor monster infestation that needs to be dealt with. Do you have any experience in fighting goblins, dragons or flame-snorting Bullrogs?

Recently, we announced Fire at Will and The Big Wave, the new element-themed expansions for Dungeon Fighter, a humorous dexterity-based board game in which players take on the role of heroes fighting their way through a dungeon filled with horrid yet quirky monsters. In Fire at Will, the heroes explore a cavern beneath the fire mountains, combat flame-breathing monsters, and learn fire elemental magic.

Fire can be both your friend and your foe, so it’s best to learn something about it before facing the flames. Today, we’ll take a closer look at how the Fire at Will expansion plays with fire.You will learn how burn tokens can set monsters and heroes ablaze, discover how the new fire element die is used in game play, and get to know the special abilities of the new heroine, Melissa, The Fire Sorceress.

Let It Burn

In the base game of Dungeon Fighter, you can only wound a monster by landing the die on the target – not always an easy feat in this dexterity game. In Fire at Will, you can use burn tokens to torch monsters. Some equipment and power cards allow you to place a specific number of burn tokens on a monster card. Then, at the beginning of each player’s turn, you take away a burn token and deal the monster one point of damage in addition to any damage dealt in an attack. The weakest monsters are doomed the moment they start to burn; stronger ones can continue to fight even while on fire.

Heroes can go up in flames, too – after all, fire doesn’t care who it burns. Some monsters, such as the Smoked Zombie, give burn tokens to heroes. Like monsters, heroes burn gradually. If you receive burn tokens, at the beginning of every player’s turn you will remove one token from your hero sheet and suffer one point of damage, until the tokens are gone.

Fire at Will also includes an eight-sided fire element die that helps reduce monsters to ash. This die deals damage or activates a special ability whether it lands on the target board or not. But you can’t just open fire at random: only certain rooms, pieces of equipment, and monsters allow you to throw this die. During a fight at the Fire Altar, the first player, and only the first player, must throw the element die. If you’re lucky, it will land on a +3 side, adding three points of damage in addition to any damage dealt by where the die lands. If that serious blow doesn’t kill the monster, the next player chooses from the colored hero dice as they would normally.

She’s On Fire

Fire at Will introduces you to a new heroine: Melissa, The Fire Sorceress. As that casual smirk on her face suggests, she can play with the most dangerous fires without getting burned. Since she’s an expert in fire magic, you’ll likely want her in any party of heroes journeying through the fire mountains. Her Agile Instincts ability, when activated, prevents her from suffering damage if you throw a miss. Activating her Sworn Enemy ability allows her to deal four points of additional damage to any demon she fights.

Melissa also uniquely possesses the Fire Sacrifice ability. It allows you to place three burn tokens on a monster, but only if the group’s leader is willing to suffer one point of damage. Sometimes the best way to be a hero is to take one for the team, but you must decide for yourself whether fire magic is worth the sacrifice.

A New Flame

Fire at Will also features several new monsters, new equipment cards, game board templates and power cards. There are even new fire-themed ways of throwing the dice, such as the lighter shot, in which you flick the die with your thumb as if you were igniting a lighter, and the firewall shot, in which you bounce the die over the firewall prop as if over a tennis net – just be careful that the die doesn’t touch the firewall and get scorched!

The pyrotechnics of Fire at Will are sure to ignite your hunger for dungeon-fighting adventure. Pre-order Fire at Will and the other new  Dungeon Fighter expansion, The Big Wave, from your local retailer today!

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