Gen Con Event Registration Begins Sunday, May 18th

Sign Up Early to Secure a Seat at Your Favorite FFG Events

Come join us this August 14-17 at Gen Con Indy 2014. Event registration opens at Noon EST on Sunday, May 18th!

Gen Con Indy’s event schedule is already available for review on their site, and Fantasy Flight Games is well represented with hundreds of events. In addition to the North American Championship tournaments for all of our Organized Play games, we’ll be running a number of other introductory and alternate-format tournaments, as well as casual events for a host of new games and our perennial classics!

FFG events traditionally sell out quickly, so get your badge now and make your plans to register early.


Each year, Gen Con Indy plays host to some of the most exciting and competitive tournaments for our Organized Play games, and this year looks to follow suit with a full compliment of North American Championships, including the first annual North American Championship for Warhammer: Diskwars. Additionally, you’ll find other tournaments for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest, Star Wars™: The Card Game, and more!

Last year’s North American Championships broke attendance records across many of our games. We expect many of this year’s tournaments to exceed those numbers. Check the list below to see what games have a North American Championship, then register on May 18th for your chance at becoming a part of history!

Each of our games varies in structure due to expected player turnout. You can learn more about the different tournament structures, including those for Android: Netrunner and X-Wing, from our article, “Join Us at Gen Con.”

In addition to our North American Championships, we’re offering a number of alternate-format and introductory tournaments:

  • Conquer the Traxis sector in our Warhammer 40,000: Conquest Worldeater Tournament.
  • Pair up with a teammate to decide the fate of the galaxy in our Star Wars: The Card Game 2v2 Tournament.
  • Engage the enemy in fast-paced battles with squads of increasing size in the X-Wing Escalation Tournament.

Many of these tournaments will fill up quickly, so start making your plans today. You can review our full list of Gen Con events on the Gen Con Indy website.

New Games

If you’re looking for something other than tournament play, perhaps you’d like to try out some of our newest and hottest board games and roleplaying games:

These are just a few of the many different games and events making their Gen Con debut in 2014. Be sure to check the full event schedule for your favorite games!


Gen Con Indy is also your chance to enjoy spirited sessions of some of our perennial classics.

  • Win battles, form tenuous alliances, and watch your back as you maneuver to seize control of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros in A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition.
  • Hang onto your sanity as you work with other players to investigate strange events, close portals to other worlds, and save the world from impending doom in Arkham Horror.
  • Explore a magical realm, battle monsters, and race against your rivals to claim the legendary Crown of Command in Talisman.
  • Use warfare, trade, uncertain allegiances, and political dominance to guide your unique civilization toward interstellar supremacy in Twilight Imperium, the epic board game of galactic conquest.

Check Our Full Event List for Your Favorite Games

Of course, these are only a handful of the hundreds of events that we’re running throughout the weekend. Now is the best time to review the full list of Gen Con events to find which events are available for your favorite game because Gen Con Indy 2014 event registration begins Sunday, May 18th at Noon EST!

Make your plans to join us this August 14-17 at Gen Con Indy, and keep an eye to our site in the coming weeks for more news about this year’s highlights and special events.

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