28 April 2014

Operation: Shadowpoint

A Free Adventure for the STAR WARS (R): Age of Rebellion (TM) Beginner Game

The Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion™ Beginner Game hit stores last week, along with its full-length adventure, Takeover at Whisper Base. Now, you can continue your adventures in Operation: Shadowpoint (pdf, 6.3 MB), a free adventure for the Beginner Game that is available for download from the game’s support section and allows allows you and your friends to explore the Rebellion’s efforts beyond Takeover at Whisper Base!

To give you a better idea of what to expect in Operation: Shadowpoint, developer Max Brooke previews the adventure’s unique event seeds, as well as how it introduces the concept of Duty that runs through the heart of Age of Rebellion.

Click the thumbnail above to download Operation: Shadowpoint (pdf, 6.3 MB)

A Word from the Developer

The Age of Rebellion Beginner Game is designed to drop the Hero Players—and the Game Master—directly into the action. Thus, Takeover at Whisper Base, the adventure in the Beginner Game, begins as the Rebels carry out a daring assault to capture Whisper Base, an Imperial Listening Post hidden away in the deadly jungle of Onderon.

Without giving too much away about the content of Takeover at Whisper Base, if the Hero Players succeed at their mission, they find themselves in command of the captured outpost. While it’s already impressive that a single squad could capture an Imperial base, the team’s work will have only just begun.

Operation: Shadowpoint picks up where the Beginner Game adventure ends, and challenges the heroes to hold their new base in the face of powerful opposition. The Empire won’t allow a single squad to hold a Listening Post for long, so the Hero Players must take advantage of a brief period of confusion to gather resources, allies, and intelligence for the Empire’s eventual counterattack!

Over the course of Operation: Shadowpoint, the Hero Players are offered opportunities and choices, which the adventure provides to the GM in the form of “event seeds.” Each event seed is a stand-alone scenario. The GM can hurl the party into any of these scenarios or give the Hero Players hints so that they can uncover the scenarios themselves. As the heroes brave the deadly jungles of Onderon, sneak through the capitol of Iziz, and even travel to Dxun, the so-called Demon Moon, they have numerous opportunities to win allies for the cause, gather new equipment and resources, and upgrade their base.

The Hero Players begin the adventure with a head start, but the Empire’s retaliation is inevitable. When the big attack comes, the heroes’ actions over the course of the adventure will dramatically affect their defenses, resources, and opportunities. The allies they have rallied and the weapons they have gathered can all come into play during this final confrontation!

Introducing Duty

In addition to the overall arc of the story, Operation: Shadowpoint introduces the concept of Duty into the adventure. Each Player Character fights the Empire for a different reason, from Cael’s desire to punish the Empire for the destruction of Alderaan to Jin-Rio’s wish to see the sentients of the galaxy freed from the yoke of oppression. While Operation: Shadowpoint does not feature the full rules for Duty as they will appear in the Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion™ Core Rulebook, it does include simplified rules evoking the same concept, to help the GM and Hero Players understand how Duty can fit into an Age of Rebellion campaign. Many of the event seeds have one or more associated Duties, giving the Hero Players a chance to go above and beyond in their fight to restore freedom and peace to the galaxy.

Operation: Shadowpoint helps the GM and the Hero Players take their next steps into their Age of Rebellion campaign, and its open-ended nature makes it very well-suited for different compositions of players and telling wildly different stories that cater to their particular interests. With this adventure in hand, you can easily expand the Beginner Game experience into a full-length campaign, following the plot hooks introduced in Takeover at Whisper Base through Operation: Shadowpoint and on to unique new stories of your own invention!

Thanks, Max!

After you lend your aid to the Rebel Alliance in Takeover at Whisper Base, you can download Operation: Shadowpoint (pdf, 6.3 MB) from the Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Beginner Game support page to enjoy even more Star Wars action in the Age of Rebellion.

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