12 March 2014

Find A Regional Championship Near You!

FFG's 2014 Tournament Calendar Continues With Regional Championships

Fantasy Flight Games’ 2014 Regional Championships are drawing near! Running from May through July, these premier tournaments will test your skills against the best your region has to offer and provide you with a chance to compete for exclusive prizes, including a bye at your National Championship.

Find an Event Near You

Regional Championships are large, premier tournaments that attract players from all across a region. To find a Regional Championship near you for one of the supported games, follow the links listed below:

Note: These lists contain only domestic U.S. Regional Championships. International Regional Championships will be posted shortly. Please contact the event venue for more information about the date, time, and other details.

Join the Action

Whether you are prepping your TIE Fighters, building your rig, studying a secret Sith technique, sharpening your swords, or casting wards against the Ancient Ones, your chance to compete in some of the year's most exciting tournaments is approaching fast. Don’t miss out on your chance to meet players beyond your local store, test your skills against the best in your region, and share in the fun and excitement of your favorite games. Find a Regional Championship near you, and join the action!

Note: Updated FAQs and Tournament Rules will be posted in early April.

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