10 February 2014 | Eldritch Horror

Forsaken Lore

Announcing an Expansion for Eldritch Horror


It seems that Yig, the snake-god of the central plains tribes—presumably the primal source of the more southerly Quetzalcoatl or Kukulcan—was an odd, half-anthropomorphic devil of highly arbitrary and capricious nature. He was not wholly evil, and was usually quite well-disposed toward those who gave proper respect to him and his children, the serpents; but in the autumn he became abnormally ravenous.
    –H.P. Lovecraft and Zealia Bishop, The Curse of Yig

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Forsaken Lore, an expansion for Eldritch Horror. Forsaken Lore adds over two hundred new cards to Eldritch Horror, including over one hundred new Encounter cards, twenty-four condition cards, and fourteen new mysteries.

The fate of the world grows even more uncertain as the malignant influence of Yig, the Father of Serpents, extends across the globe. Previously defeated Ancient Ones attempt to reclaim the world once again, forcing Investigators to solve new mysteries to keep them at bay. All the while, terrible new Epic Monsters and dangerous new Encounters keep Investigators racing across the globe to stave off the collapse of the world.

Yig, The Father of Serpents

Yig’s cultists and the Serpent People make their way across the world, determined to conquer for their master. Savage and sly, these venomous cultists and the serpents under their control unleash a new horror on investigators – a condition called Poisoned.

Yig enters the game with six unique mysteries, and your Investigators will need to gather all of their strength and cunning to keep Yig from entering our world. Break the power of the Serpent Crown over the will of the people, and defeat the Winged Serpent Epic Monster in order to world safe once more.

New Threats to Humanity

Of course, Yig and his serpents aren’t the only threat to humanity’s survival. In Forsaken Lore, evil continues to spread as new Mysteries for the Ancient Ones included in Eldritch Horror are uncovered. Discover the Stone Circles where Yog-Sothoth’s worshippers gather and put an end to their arcane rituals, or do battle with the mighty Hydra Epic Monster as she rises from the sea to do the bidding of Cthulhu.

Eighty-eight new research cards help your investigators to discover the horrible truths of the Ancient Ones bent on the world’s destruction. Will you put together the pieces in time to save humanity from destruction? Or will this new knowledge drive your investigators to madness?

New Spells, Expeditions, and Encounters will test even the most courageous investigators. Cast the perilous Poison Mist Ritual Spell, or seek the ancient secrets buried in the rubble of Egypt’s White Pyramid.

The Forsaken Lore expansion for Eldritch Horror is headed to your local retailer in the second quarter of 2014.

For more information, visit the Forsaken Lore website, and keep checking back for more news and information about Forsaken Lore. In the meantime, gather your fellow investigators, hone your skills, and prepare to defend our world once more from the Ancient Ones.


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