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The Stay on Target Ace Sourcebook Is Now Available

Take part in daring raids, thrilling dogfights, and incredible escapes. Stay on Target, an Ace career supplement for Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion™ is now available at your local retailer and in our online store.

Stay on Target provides fresh options for Ace characters, along with new vehicles, gear, and ships for your Age of Rebellion campaign. For GMs and non-Ace characters, it contains the material you need to stage a thrilling dogfight in an asteroid belt, send guerrilla troops riding Banthas across the desert, create the bravest Xexto pilot in the Rebel Alliance, or work with an astromech droid to survive an interplanetary battle.

Aces of the Rebellion

In our first preview, we looked at the three new species and Ace specializations featured in Stay on Target. You might join the Rebellion as a talkative, meddling Chadra-fan, a six-limbed, speed-addicted Xexto, or a stoic, brave, and soulful Dressellian. Aces with the Rigger specialization are talented engineers capable of modifying their vehicle even in the midst of battle.  Hotshots, at home in the pilot’s seat, rely on quick thinking, fast reflexes, and luck to get them out of the tricky situations thay they fearlessly plunge into. Beast Riders are unique among Aces for preferring the wilderness to the inside of a cockpit.Non-Ace characters can pick up Rigger, Beast Rider, and Hotshot as non-career specializations and create, for instance, a Diplomat with a Riggger’s intuitive mechanical know-how, or a Spy with the piloting skills and recklessness of a Hotshot.

Aces also get more options for backgrounds and duties. Your Beast Rider may be a former jockey who won fame and money in the Chandrila Equinoid Derby, or perhaps your Rigger worked for a starship manufacturer as a prototype tester and now strives to give the Rebellion technological superiority over the Empire. You might even play a veteran Pilot who flew during the Clone Wars and now travels the galaxy recruiting younger talent. Whatever your background, species, and mix of talents, there’s a role for you within the Rebel Alliance.

Starfighters and Fighting Beasts

Plenty of new gear, vehicles, starships, and animals are included in Stay on Target. Our second preview looked at a custom-built landspeeder, a heavily armed H-wing, and the durable V-wing. It also looked at two beast mounts: the vicious, feline narglatch and the graceful, avian ruping. A Beast Rider Ace might also choose a Cracian Thumper as a mount. These mammals are easily trained, inexpensive to acquire, and can endure a range of climates. Despite their name, Cracian Thumpers possess a natural stealth, allowing their rider to sneak up on the enemy unnoticed.

Any Hotshots, Pilots, or Riggers in your group may be interested in the speedy T-wing or the Heavy-95 multi-role starfighter. The R-60 “T-wing” interceptor is one of the fastest, lightest starfighters available, perfect for dodging asteroids or laser fire from enemy ships. The Heavy-95 is a revised version of the Z-95 Headhunter, rebuilt with faster engines, more firepower, and an astromech droid socket. Both the T-wing and the Heavy-95 have hyperdrive, allowing you to pursue an enemy across the galaxy if you need to.

Dogfighting in Difficult Terrain

Dogfights are where Ace characters truly shine, and an Age of Rebellion campaign is rarely without intense starship combat. Stay on Target expands the guidelines for dogfighting, introducing rules and combat result options for navigating asteroid fields and passing through nebulae of brightly colored, vision-obstructing dust. For example, nebulae have the special feature Where Are We?, which adds extra Setback dice to all Astrogation checks.

Guidelines are also provided for staging large space battles in which squadrons of smaller starfighters dart like insects among destroyers, carriers, and other capital ships. Any ship with a silhouette above four is treated as complicated, obstacle-filled terrain. With these guidelines, a full-scale battle involving dozens of ships becomes simple to stage, as long as you focus on the actions of your team of rebels within that battle.

Take the Controls

Stay on Target enables you to play a Hotshot eager to fly into your next dogfight or a Dressellian Soldier galloping across Hoth on the back of a Tauntaun. It provides GMs resources for integrating Ace characters into campaigns, managing astromech droid NPCs, and for staging the most impressive space battles that Age of Rebellion has known yet.

Become one of the Rebellion’s risings stars. Get your copy of Stay on Target today!


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