Nature's Ire

The Second Descent Cooperative Adventure Is Now Available


Nature’s Ire, the second cooperative adventure for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition, is now available via Fantasy Flight Games in-house manufacturing!

Previously available only through a Descent Game Night Kit, you can now pick up your own copy of the Nature’s Ire adventure. This expansion marks the second fully cooperative adventure for Descent Second Edition. In traditional games of Descent, one player is the overlord, controlling deadly monsters and springing traps, while up to four players battle these monsters, gathering items and experience as they move through the campaign.

Cooperative adventures like Nature’s Ire change this gameplay entirely by allowing up to four players to work together to defeat monsters and traps controlled by the game. Each cooperative adventure simulates a mini campaign in one session, inviting you to explore an expanding area, testing your wits, battling monsters, and grabbing loot and experience along the way!

Important: The rules for the Nature’s Ire expansion are not included in the box. The rules (pdf, 27.8MB) are available for free download by clicking the thumbnail to the right or from the Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition support section.

Enter the Forest

In the Nature’s Ire cooperative adventure, you and your friends investigate the disappearance of the population of Blue Rock village. Accompanied by a single survivor, you must venture beneath the boughs of a foreboding forest, battling deadly foes and the forces of nature to save the missing villagers from a most gruesome fate. As you move through the adventure, new encounters and areas are revealed from a randomized Exploration deck, meaning you’ll never face the same adventure twice!

Each area that you encounter features its own objective that you must complete before you move on. You may clash with fearsome merriods on the shores of a river, or rescue hapless civilians from the clutches of goblin archers. Time is not on your side, however. If you delay too long, any number of unpleasant effects may occur. Only after an encounter has resolved, for good or for ill, can you open the next door and proceed forward in the adventure.

In Nature’s Ire, like all Descent cooperative adventures, there is no overlord player to command his monsters against you. Because of this, your objective also changes. In the cooperative variant of Descent, you and the other heroes win the game if you can make your way through the various encounters in the Exploration deck pushing forward to reach the heart of the forest and a showdown for the fate of Blue Rock’s villagers. If you rescue the civilians and defeat the forces arrayed against you, you win the game, but the threats you face along the way are legion.

Evil in the Woods

Because there’s no overlord in the cooperative variant of Descent, the overlord track replaces the overlord’s objective. A fate token and a doom token are placed at opposite ends of the overlord track, and if these tokens ever meet, the heroes lose the game. The doom token advances slowly, but once it moves forward, it never retreats. The fate token, however, fluctuates based on the outcomes of your encounters. For example, if a hero is knocked out, fate advances by one, but successfully completing a main encounter may allow you to reset the fate token to the beginning of its track.

Bloodthirsty monsters lurk in the shadow of the forest in Nature’s Ire, and you’ll enter combat with ettins, goblin archers, merriods, and cave spiders. Monsters in cooperative Descent adventures are controlled by a unique deck of monster activation cards that gives monsters a list of actions. Each turn, after the heroes have moved and activated, one monster activation card is revealed, and every monster on the map resolves actions based on the card. Because each monster activation card contains different actions, you’ll never know exactly how the monsters will react to your intrusion into their forest realm.

Because cooperative Descent adventures simulate a mini campaign, you’ll have the chance to gain Class cards and collect loot for your heroes. Experience is gained after main encounters, allowing you to immediately improve your hero’s skills by purchasing new Class cards. You’ll also be able to grab new items by filling the loot track. The loot track grows with each monster you kill, and killing larger monsters gives you access to more loot. By slaying the monsters that stands in your way, you gain better weapons and armor throughout the Nature’s Ire adventure.

Save the Villagers

The village of Blue Rock lies in peril. Only you and your fellow heroes can save its people. Venture into the forest when you order your copy of Nature’s Ire, now available through our webstore!

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