18 December 2014 | Eldritch Horror

Breaking the Ice

Mountains of Madness Is Now Available


For a second we gasped in vague admiration of the scene’s unearthly cosmic beauty, and then vague horror began to creep into our souls.
–H.P. Lovecraft, At the Mountains of Madness

Mountains of Madness, the new side board expansion for Eldritch Horror, is now available at your local retailer!

A Misktaonic University expedition to Antarctica has discovered prehistoric ruins and encountered inhuman, bloodthirsty creatures. In Mountains of Madness, investigators follow that expedition's trail and search Antarctica’s icy expanses for the clues needed to save humanity from the awakening Ancient Ones. In addition to the side board depicting locations throughout Antarctica, this expansion features two Ancient Ones and eight investigators who are willing to sacrifice their lives and their sanity to save the human race. These brave souls are aided by plenty of new Assets, Spells, and Artifacts as they search for clues and battle not only monsters, but harsh and deadly conditions across the globe.

The Secrets of Antarctica

If you choose to brave Antarctica’s below-zero temperatures and isolated expanses, you’ll trace the path of a doomed Miskatonic University expedition, from the bustling Miskatonic Outpost over the snowy, uncanny Mountains of Madness to the magnificent, haunted City of the Elder Things. Our first preview provides a detailed look at the locations on the Antarctica side board, the encounters that you may have there, and the assets that could help you survive that frozen realm.

In Antarctica, investigators will likely encounter the star-shaped, winged, and vicious Elder Things that have inhabited that continent for eons. These sapient beings once ruthlessly ruled all life on Earth and yearn to retake dominion over the planet. The Rise of the Elder Things, discussed in our third preview, is one of the two Ancient Ones featured in this expansion. To defeat them you’ll have to solve four mysteries, more than for other Ancient Ones, and many of the answers can only be found in the ice surrounding the South Pole.

There are rewards for embarking on an Antarctic expedition no matter which Ancient One you're fighting. The Adventure cards (also discussed in the third preview) that guide your journey within Antarctica help you to complete mysteries more quickly if you successfully complete certain Antarctic encounters. Learning the history of the Elder Things and exploring the remnants of their civilization may make the difference between saving humanity or letting the Ancient Ones wreak havoc worldwide.

A Deadly Global Chill

As the Elder Things begin to stir in Antarctica, another horror is awakening in the northern hemisphere. Known as the Wind-Walker because he seems to travel on shrieking winds, the giant Ithaqua seeks to plunge the entire world into eternal winter. Our fourth preview introduced you to the quests you might undertake to stop Ithaqua and his minions, including a journey from Greenland deep into the mythical Other World of Hyperborea. As your team of investigators strives to prevent the Earth from freezing over, they’ll also have to fight off Ithaqua’s closest allies, hypothermia and insatiable hunger. These Conditions could not only diminish an investigator’s stamina and sanity, but might render an investigator dangerous for himself and for others.

Chosen Warriors

The investigators of Mountains of Madness are united in their determination to defeat the Ancient Ones, but each has been touched by the horror in a unique way. Four of these men and women were featured in our second preview: the waitress Agnes Baker who is haunted by memories of a past life, the bootlegger Finn Edwards who has unwittingly become involved in a supernatural conspiracy, the violinist Patrice Hathaway whose music forms a bridge between worlds, and the lawyer George Barnaby who seeks revenge for his wife’s murder. Joining this motley crew are the explorer Ursula Downs, the pragmatic handyman Wilson Richards, the rookie cop Tommy Muldoon, and the librarian Daisy Walker.

Their skills are as diverse as their backgrounds. Daisy and Agnes are specialists in arcane lore, but Agnes is more suited to an Antarctic expedition, while Daisy might travel Europe and North America collecting Artifacts and Spells. Patrice excels in gathering clues and possess a strong will that helps her withstand Other World encounters, while Wilson’s physical strength and stamina enable him to survive the most brutal attacks and harshest conditions. George’s legal career has endowed him with profound international influence and his years of life experience allow him to remain sane in the most bizarre circumstances. Tommy, Ursula, and Finn are jacks-of-all-trades, ready to fight monsters in the streets of Arkham, close gates in the Amazon, or sled across the Frozen Wastes of Antarctica in search of clues. With their abilities combined, these investigators can take on any Ancient One and rescue humanity from the most awful horrors.

Confront the Cold

A chill wind is blowing. There are rumors of cannibalism in the world’s northernmost countries and news about scientists cruelly mutilated in Antarctica fills the airwaves. Monsters are running rampant in city streets and Gates to Other Worlds are opening in the wilderness. Temperatures are plummeting across the globe, and things will only become worse unless you and your team of investigators can solve the mysteries necessary to vanquish these dire threats. Whether you explore the vastness of Antarctica, traverse the frozen northern regions of the world, or fight your battles in Arkham’s back alleys, it will take all your sanity and stamina to survive the ice and save humanity. The question is, are you prepared to confront the cold?

Experience the chills and horrors of Mountains of Madness today!


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