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The Specializations, Species, and Signature Abilities of Stay on Target

“Great shot, kid. That was one in a million.”
   –Han Solo

The Rebellion against the Empire is gaining strength throughout the galaxy. Spearheading the fight are the fearless and expert Aces who dedicate their talents and lives to defying Imperial Rule. It is upon their technical expertise, quick-thinking, fast reflexes, and willingness to risk their lives for freedom that the Rebellion's success depends.

Stay on Target, the first career supplement for the Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion™ roleplaying game, gives players numerous new options for creating the Ace characters that the Rebellion needs. Make your Ace extraordinary with the specializations, species, and signature abilities featured in Stay on Target, or choose from these new species and specializations to make your non-Ace character one in a million.

Risk Has Its Own Rewards

Three new specializations are featured in Stay on Target, each allowing you to take your career as an Ace in a different direction. Brave the wilderness as a Beast Rider, make daredevil combat moves as a Hotshot, or take your vehicle to a new level as a Rigger.

Able to break, and train almost any creature, a Beast Rider is most at home outdoors with the wind on his face. The Beast Rider specialization adds Athletics, Knowledge (Xenology), Perception, and Survival to the Ace’s repertoire, skills useful for any Ace who might end up stranded on an unfamiliar planet after a crash landing. Beast Riders fit in well with the soldiers and scouts of the Rebel Army, and can prove vital to a team during a ground battle or clandestine raid on an Imperial outpost.

Riggers unite engineering ingenuity with an Ace’s quick thinking, allowing them to modify a vehicle’s performance even in the middle of a battle. Constantly tweaking and fine-tuning their vehicles to ensure it can outgun and outrun the Imperials, Riggers tend to be cautious pilots who rely on technological advantages. In addition to Gunnery and Mechanics, Riggers have the bonus career skills Resilience and Knowledge (Underworld). Familiarity with the galaxy’s underworld keeps a rigger supplied with illegal tech, reconnaissance, and even allies who can help him out of a tight spot.

Hotshots are risk-taking daredevils – naturally gifted, overly confident, and constantly improvising. Their flashy maneuvers can go horribly wrong, but most of the time their Cool, Coordination, and natural abilities in Piloting (Planetary) and Piloting (Space) serve them well in combat. Because of their unrestrained bravery, they tend to dive headfirst into the thickest part of battle, shoot first, and execute mind-blowingly narrow escapes. They are also a bit cocky, liable to brag endlessly about their most astonishing feats to anyone willing to listen. Putting a Hotshot at the head of your vehicle formation is usually a winning move – as long as the Hotshot’s luck holds out.

Made for the Fast Lane

The Empire is known for its cruelty towards non-human species. So, as the Rebellion grows, many non-humans are joining forces with the Rebel Alliance, seeking freedom from oppression for themselves and their people. Stay on Target introduces three new species, each eminently suited to the Ace career.

Descended from mammalian tree-dwellers, the small, furry Chadra-Fan are a gregarious and cheerful bunch with sharp senses and an innate understanding of technology. They fiddle with any device that they encounter, with or without the owner’s permission, which sometimes gets them into trouble, and they have been known to steal pieces of technology they particularly like. Because of their warm demeanor, positive attitude, and mechanical expertise, the Chadra-Fan are welcome in the Rebel Alliance as Engineers and Riggers on starships. Some also serve as Diplomats and Spies, their friendly natures gaining them entrance into even the most selective circles.

From left to right: a Xexto, a Dressellian, and a Chadra-Fan

Tall, gruff Dressellians have a long tradition of training riding war mounts, making them natural Beast Riders. They are also known for their achievements in music and literature, but the Empire occupied their homeworld before the Dressellians achieved industrial-level technology. Over a decade of guerilla warfare has shaped these gritty outdoorsmen and talented artists into outstanding Soldiers, Spies, and even Gunners. Because of the Empire’s cruelty, Dressellians are wary of outsiders, particularly, humans, and can be difficult to get along with. But once they form friendships, Dressellians prove to be loyal, fierce, and uncompromising allies.

Known for being die-hard podracing fans, the six-limbed, two-brained Xexto live for speed and adventure. Their bravery, love of risk-taking, and quick reflexes make them natural Aces, Soldiers, or Spies. The Xexto care neither for the former Republic or for the Empire, and it is rare to find one working outside of the pod-racing circuit, but a few of them have joined the Rebel alliance in order to prove their own courage. Many have been honored for their valor, often posthumously.

Keep Fighting

Stay on Target gives Aces two new signature abilities: This One is Mine and Unmatched Survivablility. Signature Abilities are elite skills that can only be accessed by experienced characters of a specific career, and certain talents must be developed before the signature ability is attained. You can also customize your signature ability by purchasing upgrades, as you can with any talent.

This One is Mine allows an you to focus on a single specific target in the middle of a chaotic battle. When piloting a starship or vehicle, you may spend two Destiny Points to lock another ship or vehicle with an equal silhouette into an isolated duel for your lives. For two rounds, no other ship or character can target you while you put everything you’ve got into taking your opponent down. Upgrades include Change Silhouette, which lets you target a wider range of ships, and Evasion, which increases the difficult of all incoming attacks.

With Unmatched Survivability, you can keep your ship fighting even after a crippling blow. By spending two Destiny Points, you can keep a crippled ship with a silhouette of three or less running as if it were unharmed for three more rounds. That could be enough time to finish off your enemy and get your ship and crew to safety. If nothing else, it at least increases your chance of survival. You can even make your ship even more invincible with a Durability Upgrade, reducing Critical Hits by ten for each Durability Upgrade you have.

The Rebel Alliance Wants You

Use the species and specializations featured in Stay on Target to create a peerless Ace character, or choose another career and use Hotshot, Rigger, and Beast Rider as non-career specializations. Imagine a Hotshot Xexto Diplomat who became famous as a pod racer, a Chadra-Fan Spy with the technological knowledge of a Rigger, or a Dressellian Soldier who can steal his enemy’s mount and ride it across the battlefield. No matter what planet you come from or what your talents are, the Rebel Alliance can use your help in the galaxy-wide fight against the Empire, and welcomes you within its ranks.

In future previews, we’ll look at the beasts, vehicles, and ships of Stay on Target, and learn how to integrate interstellar dogfights into your Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion™ campaign. Check out the Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion™ minisite for more details. Prepare to join the Rebellion. Pre-order Stay on Target from your local retailer today!

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