20 November 2014 | Dark Heresy 2nd Ed.

Ancient Evil Awakens

Forgotten Gods Is Now Available for Dark Heresy Second Edition


“Soon, we shall reach our ancestral home, and the blessed clamour of our return shall wake the gods themselves.”    –Parathas Hayne, Praesul of the Children of the Inheritance

Countless heresies plagues the Askellon sector, rotting the Imperium of Man from within. As an Acolyte of an Inquisitor, it is your job to maintain a ceaseless, thankless vigil, desperately battling to eradicate even the tiniest fraction of this corruption. Now, a new heresy has emerged, and if left unchecked, its repercussions threaten the entirety of the sector.

Forgotten Gods, the first book-length adventure for Dark Heresy Second Edition, is now available at your local retailer and online through our webstore!

A Widespread Conspiracy

This adventure thrusts you into the midst of an investigation into the Faceless Trade – smugglers trafficking proscribed artefacts. In the wrong hands, these items could be used for terrible evil. It is your duty to track down the Trade Sable smugglers and their potential buyers, and by so doing push back the forces of darkness that would consume the Askellon sector.

Your investigation begins in the wastelands outside of Hive Desoleum. In this bleak landscape and in the hive itself, you uncover the seeds of corruption that will lead you closer to your final goal. Your adventure starts at the scene of a violent altercation, and from that point, you must track down those responsible and discover the whereabouts of the xenos artefacts that the smugglers were hoping to sell.

The trail of the crime quickly leads you offworld, onto the massive Rogue Trader vessel, Oath Unspoken. Aboard the Oath Unspoken, your investigations can continue, but the ship is as large as a city, and finding clear answers anywhere may quickly lead you and your fellow Acolytes into unwanted trouble. You may descend into the depths of the ship to investigate the Corpse-Holds, or you may be summoned to the Banquet Chamber of Lord-Captain Astride Anzaforr.

After the voyage, you arrive at the bone-ridden cemetery world of Thaur. The planet is covered in tombs to honor the dead and overgrown, primeval forests. Despite this outward tranquility, heresy of the darkest sort festers within the planet. It will take every effort from you and the other Acolytes to exterminate this heresy and vanquish the heretics for the glory of the Emperor.

In addition to a thrilling adventure that spans the Askellon sector, Forgotten Gods offers plenty of gazetteer information on the locations of the adventure. What’s more, each of these three main locations can be used as a new homeworld during character creation. Your Acolyte may hail from the packed city of Hive Desoleum, he may have been born aboard the Oath Unspoken, or he may call the shrine world of Thaur his former home.

Ancient Enemies

Heresy is everywhere in the Imperium. You are one of the few tasked with battling that heresy. Now, in Forgotten Gods, you face a threat like no other. Gather your courage and pray to the Emperor for strength. Only you can stop the deadly threat now stirring in the Askellon sector!

Pick up your copy of Forgotten Gods at your local retailer today!


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