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DungeonQuest Revised Edition Is Now Available


The dragon was sleeping. The dwarf took a few quiet steps towards the pile of jeweled rings and picked up several before looking slowly, anxiously back at the dragon. Still sleeping. He moved slowly towards a tall pedestal where sat an ancient, gilded oil lamp, the kind that magical jinns live inside. Still sleeping. He reached up above his head and fumbled for the lamp only to push it off the pedestal. It clattered onto the stone floor. He looked at the dragon. Still sleeping. He bent over to pick up the lamp, but felt something staring at him. Without turning around, he knew the dragon was awake.

DungeonQuest Revised Edition is now available at your local retailer!

In DungeonQuest Revised Edition, players take on the roles of heroes who descend into Dragonfire Dungeon searching for loot and adventure. As you make your way through the dungeon’s winding corridors and haunted catacombs towards the treasure chamber, you’ll have to fight monsters, dodge boobytraps, creep past a slumbering dragon, grab some loot, and make it out alive before the sun sets and the doors to the dungeon are sealed, imprisoning anyone remaining inside forever. Whoever emerges with the most valuable treasure– or whoever manages to survive– wins the game.

Danger Lurks at Every Turn

Dragonfire Dungeon is a maze of rooms and corridors that opens up in front of you as you explore it. Whenever you venture into unexplored space, you draw a chamber tile, connect it to the chamber you’re currently in, and move forward: you may find yourself teetering over the edge of a bottomless pit, or tearing your way through spider webs. Once inside a room, you typically draw a dungeon card see what else you encounter: perhaps a passage down to the catacombs, the corpse of an adventurer who didn’t make it out alive, or a ferocious monster.

As discussed in the recent preview, combat between heroes and monsters has been sped up and streamlined in DungeonQuest Revised Edition. Different players control the monster and the hero, with the players involved selecting combat cards, playing them facedown, and comparing them to see whether the hero or monster wins the fight. Combat ends when you kill the monster or it kills you– or you can try to escape in order to continue your treasure hunt.

Let Sleeping Dragons Lie

In the center of the dungeon is a massive treasure chamber, filled with heaps of gold, jewels, and valuable, perhaps even enchanted artifacts. The journey there may be winding and difficult, and you may come close to death many times, but inside the treasure chamber you have a chance to grab more loot in a single turn than you could find in a dozen other chambers combined. However, if the massive dragon Kalladra wakes up to find you stealing from her hoard, you will be scorched– or even killed – by the fire of her rage.

At the beginning of every turn that you spend in the treasure chamber, you draw a dragon card to see whether Kalladra is sleeping or has awakened. If she is asleep, you may draw two treasure cards, and leave on your next turn. However, if she is awake, you roll two dice and suffer the resulting amount of damage. The victims of her wrath seldom make it out of the dungeon alive. Will the irresistble pull of profound wealth cause you to linger in the treasure chamber, or will the incredible danger have you running for the exit with a single piece of loot in hand?

Rush for the Gold

Creep through the dark catacombs in order to reach the treasure chamber before anyone else, or search every chamber, slowly amassing loot as you navigate the labyrinthine corridors. Getting the loot is only half the battle: you’ll face many of the dungeon’s dangers, from monsters to trapdoors, on your way back towards daylight. After all, riches can only benefit the living, and only a living hero can win the game.

You can download the Learn to Play guide and the Rule Reference for DungeonQuest Revised Edition from the support section of the game's page. Those of you who own DungeonQuest Third Edition may want to look at the conversion guide we’ve created, also available in the support section, which enables you to use the revised rules, combat cards, and character sheets when playing the edition that you have.

Pick up your copy of DungeonQuest Revised Edition at your local retailer today!


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