Zogwort's Curse

Announcing the Fourth War Pack for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest


“I meant ta do dat.”
–Old Zogwort

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Zogwort’s Curse, the fourth War Pack in the Warlord cycle for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest!

Embrace the frenzied power of the Orks with the Zogwort’s Curse War Pack. Now, you can draw on the power of the Waaagh! to conquer the Traxis sector. This expansion continues the major themes of the Warlord cycle, including cards that give greater power and importance to any warlord. In Zogwort’s Curse, you’ll find new cards for every faction, including powerful Vehicles for the Astra Militarum, dark powers for the servants of Chaos, and new Drones for the Tau. No matter which factions you play in Warhammer 40,000: Conquest, there are plenty of beneficial cards in this War Pack.

You also have the opportunity to gather hordes of snotlings and follow the path of a fearsome Psyker with a new Ork warlord and his signature squad!

Blessed by Gork and Mork

The Orks of the Traxis sector gain a new warlord with Old Zogwort (Zogwort’s Curse, 67). This Ork Psyker taps into vast amounts of power, which he wields to spread the dominion of the Orks and conquer the planets of the Traxis sector. Great power has been known to draw many willing underlings, and that is especially true of Old Zogwort. He bears a Reaction that reads: “After this warlord commits to a planet or is declared as an attacker, put a Snotlings token into play at this planet.” With this ability, Old Zogwort has the potential to create several Snotlings in just one battle. These units can quickly become overwhelming in large numbers, picking away at your opponent’s forces, and forcing him to use attacks to destroy them.

Unfortunately, Old Zogwort’s psychic outbursts can prove dangerous to those around him. His Forced Reaction destroys all of your Snotlings tokens at the end of the combat phase. Although your hordes of Snotlings won’t live past the end of a combat phase, they can cause quite a bit of damage during the battles where they can congregate in large numbers. What’s more, Old Zogwort’s signature squad offers plenty of other ways to maximize the amount of Snotlings you control.

This signature squad begins with four copies of Zogwort’s Runtherders (Zogwort’s Curse, 68). This unit increases the amount of Snotlings you can gain in a single combat phase even more. Whenever one of Zogwort’s Runtherders takes damage, you can put a Snotlings token into play at its planet. With three HP, you can potentially get three Snotlings from each of Zogwort’s Runtherders before it dies, increasing the numbers of your Greenskin horde.

Zogwort’s Hovel (Zogwort’s Curse, 69) offers another chance to bring more Snotlings into play. Whenever Old Zogwort is declared as a defender and Zogwort’s Hovel is in play, you may put a Snotlings token into play at the same planet as your warlord, swelling his armies of Snotlings to truly unprecedented levels. Your opponent is forced to attack Old Zogwort if he wants to stop the flow of Snotlings, but every attack against Old Zogwort only spawns more Snotlings with Zogwort’s Hovel in play.

The free Wyrdboy Stikk (Zogwort’s Curse, 70) attachment calls still more Snotlings to Old Zogwort’s banner. This Wargear attachment can be attached to any Oddboy unit, such as Old Zogwort or one of Zogwort’s Runtherders. With this attachment, whenever a Snotlings token is destroyed, you may exhaust the Wyrdboy Stikk to put a Snotlings token into play at any planet, giving your Snotlings greater resilience than ever before.

In Warhammer 40,000: Conquest, Snotlings can pick even a mighty Space Marine apart if there are enough of them. But Old Zogwort’s signature squad gives your Snotlings a greater purpose as cannon fodder with Launch da Snots (Zogwort’s Curse, 71). This event reads: “Reaction: After an Ork unit you control is declared as an attacker, it gets +X ATK for that attack. X is the number of Snotlings tokens at the same planet as the attacking unit.” With the massive amounts of Snotlings that Old Zogwort can easily amass, Launch da Snots can easily add a truly punishing amount of damage to another unit’s attack, crushing all who stand in the way of Old Zogwort and the power of the Waaagh!

Greenskin Assault

Whether you gather numberless hordes of Snotlings with Old Zogwort, track down your prey with the Space Wolves, torture your foes with the Dark Eldar, or lead a Vyper Squad attack with the Eldar, you’ll find the cards you need in the Zogwort’s Curse War Pack.

Look for Zogwort’s Curse at your local retailer in the first quarter of 2015!

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