27 September 2013

Join the Rebel Alliance

The STAR WARS (R): Age of Rebellion (TM) Beta Book Is Now Available

“You know of the Rebellion against the Empire?”     –Luke Skywalker

It is a time of galactic civil war. As the mighty and tyrannical Galactic Empire sweeps away the last remnants of the Republic, members of the Rebel Alliance wage guerrilla warfare in a desperate bid to restore freedom to the galaxy…

Now, you can join the Rebel Alliance and strike a blow for freedom! The Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion™ beta book is available through our webstore and at certain participating retailers. Order your copy now to be among the first to play.

A New Chapter in Star Wars Roleplay

To encapsulate the operatic grandeur of the Star Wars universe, the Star Wars Roleplaying Game is presented in three epic installments. Each of these independent game lines stands alone as a unique gaming experience, but all three share the same core mechanics, meaning they can be integrated to form a single unified system. Star Wars: Age of Rebellion is the second of these installments and takes place during the height of the Rebel Alliance’s struggle against the Empire.

In Age of Rebellion, you and your friends take the fight to the oppressive Galactic Empire as cunning spies, cocky pilots, and dedicated soldiers in the Rebel Alliance. Each member of the Rebellion has a unique and important part to play in the galaxy-spanning conflict, and as you play Age of Rebellion, your character will leave his mark on the Star Wars universe.

Age of Rebellion is fully compatible with the existing Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™ Core Rulebook, but it relates a different experience. Instead of focusing on the debts and responsibilities that drive the characters who live in the galaxy’s seediest corners, Age of Rebellion establishes your character as an individual member of a military force united by common goals. Accordingly, your character’s contributions are tracked with unique mechanics for Duty. Your character’s Duty can have a profound effect on how you approach your adventures. You may strive to recruit as many new members to the Alliance as possible, or to sabotage every Imperial operation you come across. Duty helps tell your character’s story and reinforces your unique role in the Rebellion.

Help Us Craft the Best Possible Rebellion Experience

To join the Age of Rebellion beta test, you simply need to purchase a copy of the beta rulebook and start playing. Then, you can use either of two methods to submit your feedback.

First, we have a public forum on the FFG website www.fantasyflightgames.com/ageofrebellionbeta. You can use this board to discuss the beta test with the other people involved, post questions and feedback, and get news updates from the Star Wars Roleplaying Game team.

Second, you can submit any specific reports or feedback directly to the development team at the beta test e-mail address ([email protected]). When submitting your feedback via e-mail, it is most helpful to us if you consolidate all of your questions and comments into a single document for your entire group, waiting to send it in until you have collected all feedback into a single document. This will help the development team here more easily organize and process all of your comments.

We will stop officially accepting feedback on November 15th, 2013.

Get Your Copy Today

The Star Wars: Age of Rebellion beta book is a limited edition, 244-page softcover rulebook. While it is important to note that some of the elements in this beta have been presented to ensure a more concise and focused playtest experience and are, therefore, not representative of the final product, the beta rulebook still contains all the rules and materials players need to enjoy countless games of Age of Rebellion.

Supplies are limited, so if you want to help shape Age of Rebellion into the best Rebellion experience possible, get your copy and join the beta today!

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