31 July 2013

Dark Heresy Second Edition Beta Q&A

The Design Team Tackles Your Questions

Hi Dark Heresy Second Edition beta testers!

Thanks for picking up our new beta and for getting the conversation rolling on the forums! Now that the beta has been in your hands for a week, we thought we would put up a brief Q&A to answer some of your questions regarding the beta process.

To what extent will beta feedback affect the rules?

This beta test is very exciting. Since this game marks a new edition of Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay, we have freedom to craft the best 40K roleplaying experience we can. This means that we can work with you, the fans, to modify and improve the game systems to create the most enjoyable game possible. As this beta unfolds, we will be iterating on the design of every system in the game based on beta feedback.

Starting next week, we will be posting updates which will include a downloadable PDF that contains all of the major changes made to the rules based on beta tester feedback, with all of that week’s new changes marked in red. Using this document, you will be able to test the latest version of the game and give feedback on the newest changes made by the design team. We have been reading through your e-mail and forum discussions and are already hard at work implementing changes based on your insights. Among other things, look for updates to the armoury and wound effects in the coming updates!

What is the best way to have my feedback heard? With all the feedback we are getting from different sources, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. If you want to make sure that feedback from your playtesting gets noticed, there are a few easy things you can do:

  • Write an e-mail: The e-mail address given in the foreword of the beta ([email protected]) is the most direct way to get your feedback to us. Even if we don’t respond directly to every e-mail, we read through them. When writing e-mails, make sure to consolidate all of your feedback for a report into a single message.
  • Post to sub-forums: In the beta-testing forums on the Fantasy Flight Games website, there are various sub-forums to discuss game mechanics, the adventure, and proofreading changes. By posting to the sub-forum appropriate to the topic you are discussing, your feedback becomes easier for us to find. Particularly straight-forward and useful threads may be pinned in sub-forums as the beta goes on.
  • Be straight-forward: The most important thing to do in your feedback is to be straight-forward and succinct in describing the issue you are bringing up with your feedback. Directly reference the rules text that is causing your issue, using page numbers when possible. Also, clearly state the problems the issue was causing in your game. Lastly, properly label your thread or e-mail based on the rule or issue being discussed.
  • Read the weekly updates: Each week, in addition to the rules updates PDF, we will be posting information on the progress of the beta and giving suggestions on the parts of the rules we would especially like to see feedback on during the coming week. By providing feedback regarding the parts of the game specified in that week’s update, you guarantee that your feedback is directly related to what we are working on that week so it will be reviewed and considered promptly.

Why are there thematic differences between Dark Heresy 1st Edition and 2nd? Throughout the creation of Dark Heresy Second Edition, we have worked closely with Games Workshop to make this new edition best reflect the 40K setting and the new sector in which the game takes place. The Askellon Sector is a brand new setting rife with heresy to root out and, in many cases during design, required a new approach. These changes work to integrate the game better with this new setting to create a fun and cohesive experience.

We’re looking forward to working with all of you in the coming weeks to make this game the best it can be. Keep posting to the forum and sending us e-mails. We are excited to read and integrate your feedback.

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