3 April 2013

Thanks for Your Feedback

The Open Beta for the Community Wizard Has Ended

Last April, we launched the open beta of the Community Wizard, an online tool designed to help you find more people and places to enjoy your favorite FFG games. Now, after nearly a year of testing, the time has come to bring the Community Wizard open beta to an end.

Certain Community Wizard features will be phased out during the coming week. The search function and event management tools, along with the “Games I’d Like to Play” profile section and the ability to upgrade individual profiles into organizations, will be deactivated by March 29th.

Several Improvements Will be Retained

This beta process has resulted in several noteworthy system improvements that will be retained. The new private messaging system and mailbox options will stay as they are, as will the ability to create and edit user profiles, manage friends lists and send friend invitations, and personalize user profiles.

Once again, we’d like to thank everyone who used the Community Wizard and provided feedback over the past year. Armed with the past year’s data and your valuable feedback, we are working toward the next iteration!

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