5 November 2013

STAR WARS (R): Age of Rebellion (TM) Beta Update #3

News From the Developers of the Age of Rebellion Beta

Hello Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion™ beta testers!

The newest update for the Age of Rebellion beta is now available for download (PDF, 1.1 MB). It includes new items (in red) as well as all the previous updates to the beta. Additionally, there is a dedicated thread in the General Discussion forum in which you can discuss any feedback directly related to this week’s update. As always, you can email us directly at [email protected] to best ensure we see your feedback. Feedback Focus In each update, we ask for you to concentrate your efforts on a certain aspect of the Age of Rebellion rules that we would like to focus on next. This will allow us to take a deeper look at individual features, and help facilitate more in-depth discussions. Keep in mind, however, that these topics are just a suggestion, and you are welcome to continue testing whatever aspect of the rules you wish at your own pace. Any and all feedback is welcome at any time.

This update, we would like you to focus your attention and discussion on the new larger additions in this week’s update PDF. This includes changes to starting Duty value, a new universal specialization that give characters access to military training, three new vehicle actions to streamline combat with large capital ships, and guidelines for playing Age of Rebellion alongside Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™. In your sessions, try making some new characters, have one character take the Recruit specialization, and try out a space combat with a larger (silhouette 5 or higher) ships.

Additionally, if you own a copy of Edge of the Empire, try using some of the content from that book using the guidelines provided. While you are playing, consider the following questions:

  • Does the Recruit feel too powerful or too weak? How many of the members of your group would be interested in taking it?
  • Do any of the new Talents in the Recruit talent tree cause issues or questions during play? Do any feel too powerful or too weak?
  • How do the new ship actions affect your space combats? Would these be actions you would use?

We look forward to reading all of your feedback. Thank you for all your hard work. We appreciate your help in making Age of Rebellion the best game experience possible!

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