16 January 2013 | Star Wars Dice App

Revised and Refined

A Free Update for Your STAR WARS (TM) Dice App Is Now Available

“This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as random or as clumsy as a blaster; an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.”    –Obi Wan Kenobi, Star Wars: A New Hope

A free update for your Star Wars™ Dice app is now available! Our revisions to the Star Wars Dice app version 1.1 make it an even better accessory for your favorite FFG Star Wars–themed game. This update is available for both iOS and Android devices, so you can start your download today.

The update provides new functionality to make your gameplay experiences even more enjoyable. With the update, your Star Wars Dice app can now sort your dice results for easy reference, and it allows players to modify their dice results. For example, an X-Wing player might want to spend his Focus token and use the Dice app’s new Modify Results function to change all his    results to    results.

Additionally, the update streamlines several settings to make them more intuitive and adds four new backgrounds, as well as a Dice-Only sound pack for players who prefer less active settings than the existing “Jedi” and “Rebel” options.

All of these new settings are fully optional, so your Star Wars Dice app is more customizable and elegant than ever before.

New Functionality

Two new dice functions are included with the 1.1. update.

  • Die Results
  • Modify Results

FFG Vice President of Media and Interactive Keith Hurley summarizes the new functionality.

“The biggest feature we wanted to add was to automate the dice counting work required with physical dice. We came up with a Die Results list that appears at the bottom of the screen. After all the dice have rolled, a list of icons fades in at the bottom of the screen and sums up all of the symbols on the dice and display that information to the user. The list is scrollable to accommodate large numbers of dice.

“Users can also now modify the results of their dice. On the radial menu, the old Invert selection function has been replaced with a new icon for Modify Result. This function will only be available if the user has selected a single type of die. Therefore, you couldn't select both an X-Wing attack die and a X-Wing defense die and access this function.

“The above screenshot shows what the dialog looks like when you access Modify Result. In this case the user has selected two X-Wing attack dice with focus results and then selected Modify Result from the radial menu. There is a scrolling list of die face results.

“To change his focus results to hit results, the user taps the hit result once to select the option and taps it again to confirm the chosen result. The dialog closes automatically once the selection is made. The Modify Result function is available for all dice types.

“Meanwhile, you can still invert your dice selection. Simply tap and hold on any die.”

Greater Customization

Version 1.1 of the Star Wars Dice app provides users with more options to customize their experience.

  • New backgrounds
  • "Dice-Only" sound pack
  • Personalized settings

New Backgrounds

Players can choose from four new backgrounds depicting a Starfield, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, or Han Solo.

Click on any of the above thumbnails to view a larger version.

Dice-Only Sound Pack

In response to the requests of our users for a less “active” sound pack, the update introduces a Dice-Only option, which features only the main menu breathing and the “ticks” of the dice as they collide.

Personalized Settings

The settings menu now allows users to select their preferences for each of three new options: Auto Zoom, Show Results, and Auto Orient. You can choose for the Star Wars Dice app to zoom in on your dice automatically after they finish rolling, and to make the function more intuitive the “Add Dice” radial button from the original version has been renamed to “Zoom.” You can also choose whether or not you wish to establish the Show Results function as a default option. However, if you use the function in combination with Auto Zoom, you will need to zoom out to view your results. Finally, the Auto Orient setting rotates the dice after they finish rolling so that all icons are aligned in the same direction for easy viewing.

Download the Updated Star Wars Dice App

The updated Star Wars Dice app is available for iOS devices on iTunes and on Google Play for Android. This update is free for all existing users, all the new functionality is completely optional, and it makes the Star Wars Dice app an even better and more elegant accessory for your favorite FFG Star Wars–themed games.

Download or update your Star Wars Dice app today!


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