6 September 2012

Ugg-Tect is Now Available

Visit Your Local Retailer to Pick Up this Game of Monumental Fun

Ugg-Tect is now on sale at your local retailer and on our webstore! In this dexterity game of monumental fun, up to eight cavemen race to build prehistoric monuments, armed with nothing but a simple language of grunts and gestures, a few wooden blocks, and a trusty club.

Two teams must compete to construct simple monuments out of wooden blocks...but only their leader, the ingenious ugg-tect, can see the plans. Without showing his secret Project card to his tribemates, the ugg-tect must instruct his team, guiding them as they recreate the project using wooden blocks. Adding to the challenge, the paleolithic language barrier is an ever-present obstacle; an ugg-tect and his tribemates may only communicate with a limited vocabulary of grunts and gestures, along with a few “corrective” taps of an inflatable club!

Build a structure for the ages

If your tribe can stop laughing long enough to build the monument shown on the ugg-tect’s Project card, you’ll score points based on the difficulty of that structure. But if the other team judges your work to be seriously flawed (based on a few simple criteria), you must destroy your monument and accept a negative point to your final score. Play continues until one team accumulates ten or more points, after which the winning team’s ugg-tect is encouraged to beat his chest, swing his club, and chant “Ugg-tect! Ugg-tect!”

With some solid leadership skills, a bit of luck, and a healthy willingness to look utterly silly in front of your friends, you’ll accurately recreate mankind's earliest architectural endeavors...more or less.

Can you complete the most monuments before your rivals? Head to your local game store to pick up your copy, and guide your tribe to prehistoric prominence!

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