6 September 2012

Ritual of Fire

Announcing an Upcoming Novel in the World of Fireborn

A few bodies lay nearby—the rest of her security detail. Most were too badly burnt to recognize and were obviously dead. Scott struggled to remember their names. They’d transferred in when Elsa had been elevated to a Cabinet post, three grim young men with steel in their eyes who barely spoke more than a dozen words to her “existing security detail.” They were ex-military; he’d come up through Metro PD. The oldest among them was ten years younger than he was—they thought he was quaint. Their presence had changed the relationship he’d shared with Elsa. She’d grown distant and cold. He’d become just another faceless member of her detail.

The heat here was intense enough that melted plastic fell in fiery raindrops from the roof, landing on a sweater display a few feet away. The wool had caught and was now blazing merrily.

Suddenly he caught sight of a shadowy figure moving through the smoke on the periphery of the sales floor. Thinking it might be a firefighter dragging a long hose behind him, he called out. It looked toward him, revealing a demonic face with hideously bulging eyes and sallow, sunken-in cheeks. A gas mask, Scott thought at first, but then the figure reached up to its face and scratched the black rubbery substance as if that was its skin.

Fantasy Flight games is excited to announce the upcoming release of Ritual of Fire, a novel by Jordan Ellinger set in the Fireborn universe!

A Shocking Discovery

When a popular politician survives what should have been a fatal assassination attempt, MI5 agent Scott Baker begins to suspect a terrifying truth. Something is taking control of London’s most influential leaders, and that shocking discovery has thrust Baker into a fight for his life. Now, branded a fugitive and hunted by his one-time colleagues, this ex-intelligence agent must seek help from unlikely allies as he attempts to learn how deep the conspiracy goes. What mystical force is behind this apparent takeover? How does it relate to Baker’s increasingly disturbing visions? The answers could determine the fate of the world!

Jordan Ellinger is a first place winner of the Writers of the Future Contest and is a Clarion West graduate. He has written for Warhammer and has published dozens of short stories in venues ranging from StoryPortals and AE-The Canadian Science Fiction Review, to a recent collaboration with science fiction grandmaster Mike Resnick. He is also the lead writer/designer for indie gaming firm Symbiant Studios Ltd. Ellinger now turns his talents to the world of Fireborn, weaving a captivating story set in a world where magic is re-emerging, and the long dormant reincarnated souls of ancient dragons are awakening in the bodies of unsuspecting human scions.

Visit our Ritual of Fire website to learn more, and keep an eye out for it to hit shelves at your local bookstore later this year!

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