4 September 2012

Week One

An Update on the STAR WARS(R): Edge of the Empire Beta Test

Hello Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire Beta testers!

After two weeks of initial reactions and reviews, we’re excited that so many of you submitted lots of useful feedback. Thanks everyone! Though this process is just beginning, everyone on the Star Wars® Roleplay team appreciates the feedback you’ve submitted via forums and emails, and we’re already starting to use that feedback to make Edge of the Empire™ the best game possible.

Every Tuesday, we’ll post a weekly update to keep you informed of the progress of the Beta. This update will usually consist of a PDF beta document that we’ll be adding new changes to, allowing you to keep track of all the changes being made in the game. Additionally we may go over the focuses of each week’s update, and even point towards specific aspects of the game we feel need your attention.

Week 1 Update (low-res pdf, 1.1 MB) Week 1 Update (High-res pdf, 6 MB)

This week our first update focuses primarily on Chapter II: Creating a Character, with attention paid to species, clarifying certain aspects of the character creation process, and adding some additional information. We’ve also covered several other issues in other chapters of the book that we felt needed to be addressed rapidly to enable faster gameplay.

We also wanted to add that we appreciate the focus some of you have given towards defensive talents for player characters and towards Force powers (as well as many other issues that are not addressed in this first update). Rest assured, we’ll be addressing these issues and many other important points in future updates. So thanks again, everyone!

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