25 September 2012

Week Four

An Update on the STAR WARS(R): Edge of the Empire Beta Test

Hello Edge of the Empire Beta testers!

Our fourth week of updates is going to be a big one, so we’re going to outline some of the important points covered in these updates.

The biggest news is that Edge of the Empire will be doing away with the limitation on three specializations. Instead, player characters can purchase as many specializations as they want. However, the cost for each additional specialization increases, based on how many specializations the character will possess with the latest purchase. Specializations outside of one’s chosen career cost more than specializations within one’s chosen career. The pricing for out-of-career skills is also changing, so that the cost for ranks in an out-of-career skill and a new out-of-career specialization will be the same.

We’re doing this for several reasons. First and foremost, it simplifies the game by removing the concept of “permanent talents.” Now, everything your character purchases is permanent. This also removes the need for the complex rules that governed these concepts. Secondly, there is no limit as to how far your character can grow and improve; it just costs more experience each time. Finally, it helps highlight the importance of one’s career choice; people are not bound by their career, but there are substantial benefits for those who chose to focus on their career skills and specializations.

Week 4 Update (low-res pdf, 2.3 MB) Week 4 Update (high-res pdf, 5.7 MB)

That’s the single biggest change, but it’s far from the only one. Droid player characters see a change to some of their special abilities, as do Gands. We’ve also introduced some additional weapon changes as we continue to review the equipment and evaluate feedback from last week.

Talents see a number of changes. Most of these are made to clarify specific talents, although some of them are made as the start of our process to evaluate and revise player character and non-player character defensive options. There are also some changes to combat rules, although most of these are made to clarify existing rules, rather than change them wholesale.

All in all, we have quite a lot for you to digest this week. We’re looking forward to your feedback!

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