7 August 2012

Only War Beta: Week Six

Updates From the Developers on the Only War Beta Test

Hello Only War Beta Testers!

Thank you for your patience as we have been working internally to address some of the larger pieces of feedback from these past few weeks. This week’s update is our biggest one yet, and it includes a bunch of new tweaks we think you are going to be very excited to see. Make sure to keep your weekly update pdf files handy as you test this week’s focus, as many of the changes have a direct impact on the balance, and we are very interested in hearing any and all feedback relating to the recent changes.

We are now entering the final stretch of the Only War Beta, and only have two more weeks left to get your feedback integrated into the product. Next week’s update will be our last one, and we will be accepting any and all feedback through August 21st. So make sure to get your reports submitted to the beta email ([email protected]), or posted on the forums before time runs out!

War Machines of the Imperium

This week’s focus is for all the tank fans out there; we are going to be looking in depth at the Only War vehicles rules. Using all of the latest changes to vehicle weapons and armour, give your squad at least one vehicle (if they don’t already have one) and then consider the following questions as you play: How do you feel vehicles scale up against each-other? Are there certain weapons or vehicles that you find are too strong or too weak? How do you feel vehicles scale against infantry? Are there certain vehicles or weapons that are too powerful or too weak against infantry? Are there certain infantry weapons that are too powerful or too weak against vehicles? Do any of the vehicles or vehicle rules cause any conflicts with other rules your characters use or have access to?

As always, remember that in addition to this week’s focus, feedback on any and all sections of the Beta is welcome, and feedback on any changes introduced in this week’s update is especially helpful.

Week Six Update (high-res pdf, 34.9 MB) Week Six Update (low-res pdf, 2.7 MB)

Make sure to remember to download this week’s update, and check the Beta support page for all the most recent updates to the Only War Beta rules.

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