13 August 2012

Character Assassination

A Tannhäuser Strategy Article by Guest Writer Jeremiah Terry

The Edison Single Miniature Pack for Tannhäuser is now on store shelves! This heroic expansion includes one painted figure and accompanying character sheet, an all-new scenario, and all the tokens and equipment cards necessary to bring Edison’s inspiring leadership to your battles. But in case you’re wondering how anyone could possibly stop America’s First Son, we're pleased to present a guest article in which Tannhäuser enthusiast Jeremiah Terry provides some anti-Edison strategies.

When America’s First Son strides onto the battlefield, he knows there’s a target on his back. The Reich and the Shogunate will not rest until he’s eliminated, and neither should Reich or Shogunate players. Edison is a major threat to any Nippon Accords force, and will certainly hinder you from completing your objectives no matter the game mode, if he’s not dealt with swiftly and with all due prejudice.

As Tannhäuser continues to evolve throughout the end of this year, it looks like the Reich will have the best ability to take Edison down; this is due to their already powerful lineup seeing the addition of the Frankenstahl, a massive Epic level monster that can be fielded in small groups. But remember, Edison is an “Epic slayer,” so a Reich player should not think that the Frankenstahl (or even two Frankenstahls) will guarantee victory when facing all the firepower Edison can bring with him, and therein lies the key to Edison’s defeat. While he is powerful on his own, he is far more powerful when he has a full squad at his back. So you should focus on separating Edison from his backup; once isolated he should be easier to take out. Of course, the fastest way to accomplish this is to use Hoss and his Chronograph, and to trade places with Edison as early as possible in the game. This may leave Hoss vulnerable, but removing Edison can be worth it.

However, trading hero for hero may not be your best option, just the fastest. Focusing on the Reich’s Out-of-Path attack abilities can be a real help when facing a character as powerful as Edison. Just remember to maintain as much distance as possible when attacking, and then retreat as far as you can afterwards. In this way you can keep Edison at arm’s length while hopefully doing some damage. If all else fails, be sure you have an ample supply of grenades. These will help soften Edison up.

One last option is to remove the majority of Edison’s combat ability without killing him. Yula has the ability to destroy an enemy’s weapons and equipment on the roll of a Natural 10. If she’s lucky you may be able to take out Edison’s MENLO before he can pose any great threat to your mission. Once he’s disarmed, if you need to eliminate him, he’ll be easy prey for a Frankenstahl, or pair of Stosstruppen, as his MENLO equipment like “Biotech Residue” can no longer be recycled to give him infinite healing abilities.

A Divine Wind

The Shogunate has no Epics or Out-of-Path abilities to aid them in their quest to defeat this new American menace, but they do have plenty of amazing melee fighters. The key is not to waste time. Head straight for Edison with as many Heroes as you can spare, and attack as often as possible. More than one of the Shogunate heroes can make multiple attacks in a single turn, and you'll have to use those abilities to do as much damage as possible. So lead the charge with Iroh and Mizu, and while it may seem counterintuitive to send two of your best heroes straight into the barrels of the Union's guns, you have few other options, but if you’re truly worried about losing your Heroes, remember that the Shogunate have excellent Stamina Packs that greatly improve their survivability.

The only other method the Shogunate has at its disposal is to set a trap. This is a more advanced tactic, and requires an intimate knowledge of the map you’re playing on. To set your trap, you first have to find an area where the paths intersect at a very narrow point so Overwatch melee attacks will be most effective. There, set two of your strongest heroes on Overwatch, and use your remaining hero and troopers to drive or funnel Edison into your well-placed trap, but be sure to wait until a turn in which Edison is already committed to moving in the direction of your trap. This is of course only going to work in a game mode or scenario in which Edison must proceed in the direction of the trap. It's a complex technique, but it can work under the right circumstances, especially if your opponent is overconfident and rushes in before he realizes what you're doing.

Two are Stronger than One

While both the Reich and Shogunate have some effective strategies for dealing with this new powerful Union threat, they can be even more effective in concert. Out-of-Path attacks, excellent melee skills, and devastatingly effective occult powers will all combine to bring your new enemy down. Using all that these two powerful factions have at their disposal, you can not only divide the Union forces...you can conquer them. 

One of the most effective strategies for dealing with such a potent threat as Edison is to use Heïzinger's Patmos amulet or Hoss' Chronograph to drive Edison into the waiting arms of Itami and Iroh on Overwatch. This is a variation of the trap described above, but this tactic has the advantage of not relying on your opponent to make a mistake, or failing to see the trap in advance. If done properly, you can even separate Edison from his troopers, whom he relies on for cover and support. So should he survive your initial attempts to end him, he will have little choice but to make a hasty retreat to the safety of his squad. This will place him in more danger; that is if you’ve done your job right. You should keep a Schocktruppen or other trooper near the area where you intend to send your prey; that way they can close in and delay his escape, or prevent it entirely. Again, you must know your map very well, as narrow paths are best for preventing escape...especially for wounded characters that may have difficulty Bull Rushing an opponent. Edison may find himself wounded from your trap and facing a hard choice, and losing a Bull Rush to a Stosstruppen will be that last thing he wants to do.

These are just a few of the tactics you can employ to stop this new Union threat. There are of course many others, and the game mode or scenario can make big difference in what strategies will be most effective.

Thanks, Jeremiah! Look for the Edison Single Miniature Pack on store shelves now!

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